Love and the family band The G6 Group


Bri says to go hear our new song Apache Cute Ears! It's super fun! xo!

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Our G6 Group Photo Site for you fans by Brianna, with
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Our Songs <3!

Apache Cute Ears (ft. Brianna)

Gunnar and Me

Gunnar and Me (feat. Layla)


Song for Reggie From Harley

The Day I Was Happy

Turkeybird Tune

Summer Song/Nose Kisses
My Song

Cover Jam

All About You & Me

Reggie, the Hamster, and Me

One For Figs

Harley's Song #1


SmallSong (figsy remix)

Play All Day Loud

Reggie's Song About Love / The Mash Song

Drums One

Just Drums

One For Figs #2

The Poop Song

Teacher No Hands

My Song for Apache

I Love My Baby

Mom's Song

The Band

My Brother

Love For My Family

The Cat Song (featuring Celia)

Harley & Me

My New Song For My Family

My New Song For My Family (deesco remix)

Kisses For My Mom

Lazy Day Song

Brianna's Piana

Summer's Ending Time

Scaretrack Vol. 1

Barley In His Wheel


First Song (solo mix)

First Song (with Apache)

First Song (G6ified!)

Star Wars Jam

Way To Go Harley

Mom Is Mine

Look At Him Go!

Food Is Good

Hunny Bunny Run

Go backstage with the G6 Group!

Watch history in the music making G6 Group Share Site!

The boys from the G6 Group play Heart and Soul

Shaker Practice #1 (new vid!)

Official G6 Group Poster!

G6 Christmas Songs

and videos

music & animals

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"The G6 Group is bad for anyone who does not love to be safe! Safe is more fun because you get there all together and alive. Safe doesn't mean boring! It's a game to make exciting safe. If you can't play safe then go away from me now!" (Harley the Kid Stahlman)

G6 Group rocks Supercalifragilisticexpialidociously! Do you?

G6 Group Ribbon Movie!!

~Every Rose Has Its Thorn~

Harley and the New Lamp Song xo!

Team Hamster Chaos photo layout xo!

It's Bri ~ Harley ~ Apache
Inside their Chill House!

Mart's Movie Page - AstralMovieDay Night At the Museum: Secret of the Tomb!

The Last Ship and Sharknado 2 Thrill Song

From our Summer of Love Marathon 2015

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