G6 Group
The Christmas Song Album

The Christmas Song, featuring Apache

I love my home
Mom and I kiss the kids and hang up the stockings
The TV's on Rudolph
It's that time of the year

I love my mom
We played all day too
Wrapped presents for my dad
It's that time of the year

I love my house
Christmas music online
The G6 Group loves you
It's that time of the year

(the end)

here's the rockin' video :)

"My video for my brother, Figs. He died and now has an ornament on our tree.
Alive still in spirit, and like the wind can, he can still be felt, seen, and heard here on Earth.
Amen." ~Reggie

"Putting the star - a MooMoo toy - up on the Cat Tree for my family." ~Apache

watch our music video
of My Song for Mom!

My Song for Mom

I love you Mom
I love my kids
they're my brothers too
Look at them have a fun party

I sing and dance
I'm Sandy and I love to tell you things about the holidays

by Harley Stahlman
for his Mom for his 1st Christmas

"My kids, all of them, here in spirit, in flesh, for this Christmas tree month." ~Mom

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The Christmas Song
Apache: Lyrics
Sandy: Vocals
Harley: Wheel

My Song for Mom
Harley: Wheel, Lyrics
Reggie: Vocals, Keyboard
Apache: Paperjamz Guitar
Mom: Singing

Bri plays us Wicked World for Our Holiday Start!

The G6 Group Shutterfly-made holiday card for Christmas 2015,
And the Astral Insert that goes along with it!
For All Our Fans to Print Out for themselves... xoxo!
(Click on them to save them in larger sizes for best printing)

Tree Day 2015

Our Pre-Christmas and Celia's Birthday G6 Group Event of 2015!

Tree Star

He put the star on the tree
He put the star on me!
Star on the tree
He's just a star on me!
Star went up on the tree
Apache T said, he put the star on me!
And so did little Bri!
Happy holidays from Club Astral!

Recorded live on 12.22.15, after we put
the Star rings on top of our tree!

Bri's gazing up at the Star!

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