G6 Group
All About You & Me

I want you off the phone right now
Get out your purse and let's go out
Get your new stuff and bring it right home
It's time to do the work

I wanna go with you but I can't
I'm busy here
It's about me, it's about you

Since you and me are always happy
We can see other people around us hurt and hating
But we love each other all the time
It's about me, it's about you

We love to dance,
We love to play and laugh
But I'm afraid of loving you too much
I let you take my heart
Will you hurt me? always love me?
Don't you go away or leave me
It's about me, it's about you

Family is the thing I need
I want you by my side
Beside me, and around
It's about you and me

Lyrics by Apache Stahlman

Vocals by Sandy aka Mom
Meowsic Keyboard - Reggie
Apache - Electric Paperjamz Guitar
Thanks to AppleLoops for the acoustic guitar

Apaches first guitar song!
Reggie's first time playing "clicky nails on keys"!
Sandy's first AppleLoop attempt

From our album Making Music Making Fun

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