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Summer of Love Marathon

The Last Ship

We sing this song whenever it's The Last Ship day!
With special lyrics by Apache T. and built upon an old Navy song Mom learned when she was a submarine brat lol back in the early 80's, in Groton, CT, where her family was stationed at the sub base there. Dive! Dive! You know you want to :)

Arooga Arooga
Dive! Dive!
Take her deep and take her down
Where no other human beings can be found
Below the surface where it's dark and green
Down to the sea in a big black submarine

We are the Nathan James and we're doing fine
All the other subs you lay down your mines
But we're okay and we'll get you there
Cuz we've got the captain and the crew with no fear

Cuz we're the Last Ship of Summer of 2015!

Lyrics by Apache Stahlman
Vocals by Mom

Sharknado 2: Thrill Song!

Four Week! We got Insurgent with Miles Teller (and the character Four)
the same day that Club Astral was at the Fantastic 4 with Miles Teller, again! lol

#Monstober 2015
We said it first this year!!

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#Falalalidays - We're ready and tweeted it first this year, of everybody!

Apache has this kind of hat, and that blue of a hoodie,
and he flat-out refused to dress up like Kurt Russell and take a picture like this.
He just refused! lol xoxo! The Thing on TV on Syfy on 08.18.15

Then, the TV itself said to go look at the Syfy channel for any DVR-adds. And it was on House of Bones and then the Connecticut Haunting. And Mom said to me, Harley the Kid, we already saw House of Bones and the other ones - they were really good and really fun, right?! And I said yes and we didn't record them again, so obviously there was a missing piece to the puzzle. And about 10 minutes after that, we got this favorite/reply to/and retweet from the man himself, that's our Marcus Lyle Brown from the Syfy original and awesome house-haunting flick the House of Bones, on TV right now, and on Twitter right now for all his fans is my goofy photo and comment. Which I took about a half hour of my family's time for, so good, all his fans will get to laugh at him about it now LOL! xoxo!
ps. To Apache T. (who was my photographic assistant and my fave big brother of the moment for this new post to get up so quickly), I say thanks and I love you bro! xoxo!

Mom and my Bri were so happy that the main character Cassie from the Syfy movie called Zombie Apocalypse said, Sometimes the end of the world is beautiful. And they laughed, and loved it. And Mom tweeted about it. She couldn't help it. I must tweet this, she said. And we were having so much fun, and then...
We put the hashtag #FearTWDPremiere and it got us an instant reply from the official Fear the Walking Dead Twitter account!!! It was a funny video that had Elizabeth Rodriguez (who is Liza on the new show Fear the Walking Dead) and she told survival tips, like don't stop to take a selfie with a walker! LOL. We got a reply Tweet from the official homepage of the Walking Dead new Fear series! on 08.19.15

Then we were setting up the DVR for more shows, and Apache made us set up to record Castaway. Mom says it's three hours of just Tom Hanks, alone, just him (she hates watching him nowadays lol), so she finally agreed to it, and Apache wandered out from where he was laying silently, with his big new funny grin! lol So funny Apache T. you got her good! Speaking of funny grins, he now gets fed up literally every time now, at exactly 10 minutes before the movie or show ends. Exactly. He's the new ten-minute man! Not the sex kind LOL! :)

This just in! After all that, Ally Lynn wrote a tweet to the lady who plays Cassie in Zombie Apocalypse (her name is Leslie Ann Brandt). Ally wrote it for Bri, herself, Moo, Mom, and Mary... and Lesley Ann favorited it! Right away! We're in the zone today!

The iPad game that rocked our home this SummerOfLove
The Star Wars app has sounds and fx that have buttons that are kitten-sized, just right for our paws! Bri made you a song by her own dang random combining of quotes. It's Han and Leia, saying Who's Scruffy Looking, in love! Not to mention our own Apache T. who literally jumped out of his skin without actually jumping when light sabers began to duel under his body, when he pressed that button, on total purpose! :) :)

All MTV All G6 All The Time!

We are the G6 Group and we are on the next flight to Mars!

We are on the Flight to Mars in March 2016!
Arrival site is Elysium Planitia, the Plain of Ideal Happiness
Not to be confused with the Elysium from Pandorum, that um didn't go so great lol.

It won! :)

Brinny the Foot, and the invention of the Bin Beds
For the SummerOfLove! xoxoxo!

Close Encounters of the Third Kind
To remind ourselves that we are free!

We wished for it. We got it.
We built a mesa in our bedroom, lol.
We see aliens. And dead people :)

We found a day to be sad and still be happy!
One day of water physical therapy inside,
But Oh! the joy of our family learning how to use the combination lock!
Bri did great conjuring up this helpful spot!

BB-8 You're So Great! Post-PT Massage Day for Mom's Ows to be a little less owwie! :)

Look at the flowers Ultron. Yah you heard me correctly lol!
September 8th release date for Avengers 2 DVD has been announced!!

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