G6 Group
Kisses For My Mom

The guy from home should leave my mom alone now
Her heart's so sad and she's ready to play
I want her happy, I want her to laugh and hug me
But she's so sad about him still today
And every day

So come on and dance
Put the music up loud
So she can play and dance with me

My family is happy but she's in her heart
And it hurts, so
Play a song for me and let's play all day loud

We never get to know how he'd have been with me
She says we're all alone so she can be afraid of him
Let me be the part of his life that has to be okay
Treat my mom real nice

So she can play all day with me,
and Reggie, and the hamster

My cat, my house, my kid, my home, my car,
my children, my container of love

My energy, my kiss, my hug, my cat

Me and her, our love will be there for him to see
My mom is not for you
If you can't look her in the eye again and say hello,
How you used to, with love and hope
Of being here with me again.

lyrics by Apache Stahlman

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