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Scaretrack Vol. 1

BOO! Special fx by Apache T.

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Love Music Art Scaring People! That's the G6 Group at Halloween! lol xo!

This is Apache's special fx track from Halloween 2013, with his new Mike Wazowski action figure that makes sound effects.

More Halloween Fun!

A Halloween Night Report by Harley the Ghost. Take it Harley:

The scary pumpkin or the new Harley's Jack O'Lantern as it's also called here, literally planned its own scary face for Mom. I saw it happen. It was blank, then it showed the face to us out in the kitchen. Very spooky lol in fact it was downright fangtastico !!

Scary Internets lol said Chris Hardwick tonite to our man Paul Bettany and Kevin Smith the funny guy, too! During the mayhem of The Talking Dead (about the JSS episode), my little meek and sad little Apache T reminded us that is his costume (like Carol the homemaker lol!). He braved the new face of the scary mean Jack, and ran right by it! Not scared at all! (well maybe just a little bit) lol, but that did not stop him from doing that, or anything else he wants to these days! Go Apache T!

by Harley and the Astral Squad!

We love you Glen!
We love you Steven!

The Chicken-Head Co-Ambassador of 2015
Is Apache T. Stahlman!

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