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Now, I am permanently disabled and unable to do any work or take on any clients, in any of the fields I have worked it. Please feel free to email me with interesting ideas or short questions. Take care, Sandra

University of Rochester, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, with an Allied Field in Sociology. Emphasis on humanistic psychology, consciousness studies, comparative religious studies, and mysticism, 1991.

University of Rochester Rush Rhees Library, Circulation Desk Supervisor, 1989-1991.

University of Rochester, Independent Study, The Relationship Between Schizophrenia & Mysticism: A Bibliographic Essay. Under the supervision of Th. Emil Homerin, Professor and Chair, Department of Religion and Classics, 1992.

Mount Hope Family Center, University of Rochester, Psychological Research Data Librarian, 1991-1992.

Assistant Girl Scout Leader, Rochester, New York, 1992.

University of San Francisco Law Library, Assistant to the Director/Technical Support, San Francisco, California, 1992-2000.

Editing of classified ads for Dupree's Diamond News, 1993'ish.

San Francisco Zoo, Behavioral Enrichment Research Data Collection, project lead Hal Markowitz, 1993-1995.

University of San Francisco, Graduate Coursework, Developmental Psychology: Christian Development, 1993.

University of San Francisco, Graduate Coursework, Great Philosophy Questions, 1994.

University of San Francisco, Graduate Seminar, Mysticism: East and the West, (my final presentation), with Professor Paul Bernadicou SJ, 1994.

Atemi Jitsu and Defendu training, with Patrick Phair and Helen Grieco of Defending Ourselves, San Francisco, CA, 1994.

American Sign Language - Beginner's Course, Adult Education, San Francisco, CA, 1995.

Central Washington University, Chimpanzee & Human Communication Institute, Apprenticeship, Summer 1996.

Shamanic practice, individual and group, field work, 1996-2005.

Member, Bay Area Preservation Network (BAPNet), disaster preparedness for libraries, looking for exact dates.

My stigmata begins. I received my first instance of no open wounds stigmata (also called "invisible stigmata" in the research community) at the Old Dutch Church in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, standing nearby its altar.

Formal Iyengar yoga training, classes held at the University of San Francisco @ St. Ignatius Church, 1998-1999.

In-depth griefwork, training and study in "death and dying," under the direction of Patricia Thompson, Sausalito, California, 1999.

Walt Disney Internet Group /, Topic Manager and Web Directory Editor (Family/Kids/Pets), Sunnyvale, California, 2000-2001.

Inner World of Music, night class, adult education, Sir Francis Drake High School, San Anselmo, California, 2000.

Kundalini Awakening, 2000, if it can be pin-pointed.

Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Database Management/Administrative Assistant, Mill Valley, California, 2002., Web Directory Editor (Kids/Pets/Lifestyles), San Francisco, California. 2002-2004.

Lecture, "Self Care Approaches to Managing Stress & Time Famine," with Dr. Marie Mulligan of Kaiser Santa Rosa, at Dominican College, San Rafael, California, Fall 2003.

Lecture, "Take Control of Your Mood," with Ellen Resnick, Town of San Rafael Psychology Lecture Series, San Rafael, California, Winter 2003.

Eucharistic Minister, St. Isabella's Church, San Rafael, California, 2003-2004.

Hospital Volunteer, Marin WildCare and Terwilliger Education Center, San Rafael, California, 2003-2004.

Private study with Olga Louchakova, my Kundalini process coach; focus on: awakening management, energy and the chakras, meditation, and the Feminine Divine. San Francisco Bay Area, 2004-2006.

Charles Tart, lecture. "Transpersonal Psychology: Transcendence or Mortality or Just the Best Diversion to Pass the Time?" Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Colloquium Series, Palo Alto, California, Winter 2004.

Olga Louchakova, lecture. "Research Frontiers in Spiritual Awakening: Transformations of the Self," Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Colloquium Series, Palo Alto, California, Winter 2004.

Prayer of the Heart, introductory, with Olga Louchakova, Mercy Center, Burlingame, CA, 2004.

Telepathic training workshop, "How to Communicate With Animals" with Penelope Smith, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York, September 2004.

CranioSacral body work and energy management, conducted by Joseph Schmidlin, Health Touch, Rochester, New York, 2004.

Individual Mindfulness Meditation training, with Dr. Mary Beetz, Center for Wholistic Healing, Rochester, New York, 2004.

Hands-on training with Kathy Vernam and Jean Kearse, "A Touch of Wonder - The Wonder of Touch," Mercy Prayer Center, Rochester, New York, 2004.

Shamanic guidance with Tracy Bell, Victor, New York, 2004-2007.

University of Rochester Biology Department, Student Administration, Rochester, New York, 2004-2005

Mindfulness Meditation training, "The Joy of Mindful Living" with Mary Gleason, Mercy Prayer Center, Rochester, New York, 2004-2005.

Microsoft Office "Expert" certification, 2005.

Nature Spirits sweatlodge, led by Tracy Bell, Shequaga, Dansville, New York, 2005.

Member C.I.R.C.L.E., 2005-present.

First experience of open-wound "visible" stigmata, starting around July 2005. Primarily on the wrists, forehead, outer and inner palms, and the left foot. With blood appearing for the first time on the right inner wrist, and the forehead.

Barbara Tedlock lecture, "Re-imagining Shamanism: The Feminine Dimension of Sacred Healing," Nazareth College, Rochester, New York, and discussion, "The Woman in the Shaman's Body: The Story Behind the Writing," Pittsford, New York, 2005.

Disabling lower back (spinal/sciatic) injury. Classified unable to work due to severe work restrictions, 2005.

For disability management: Mindfulness Home Practice Program with Shinzen Young (on the phone-conferenced retreats): February 2008 - "Introduction to Basic Mindfulness," March - "Focus In & Focus Out Foundations," May - "Kuan Yin Practice: Contemplating the Sounds of the World," June - "Focus on Rest, Easy Version," July - "Focus on Change: Expansion and Contraction" and "Conscious Eating," August - "Focus on Rest, Standard," "Working with Physical Comfort," "Focus on Rest, Do Nothing," and "Exploring Sight Space," September - "Exploring Absolute & Relative Rest," and "Focus on Positive," October - "Deepening Focus on Rest," "Practice in Motion & in Life," "Learning Focus on Change: Standard Version," and "Making Decisions with Mindfulness," November - "Music Retreat," "5 Ways Retreat," December - "Return to the Source," January 2009, "Deepening Focus In, Focus Out," February 2011 - "5 Ways Using the New Terminology," 2008-2011.

Biofeedback and Pain Management training with Dr. Kathryn Vullo, to address an increase in my daily pain levels and a further decrease in my mobility. As recommended by Dr. Haber, Pain Management specialist, Rochester, New York. Spring 2014.

Right now:
Acceptance, as my disability continues to define how I live. Focusing on family life and personal fulfillment.
With a daily meditative practice, biofeedback, and at-home physical therapy program, and a new specially-designed pain management routine. My own special interest in enrichment for animals and interspecies communication - and my skills as an Animal Communicator - are just for me now, and for being a Mom to three adorable cuties, Apache, Brianna, and Harley; they bring happiness to every moment of my life.

I enjoy reading and learning about a variety of topics including: consciousness studies, shamanic arts including trance mediumship and possession, psi, Christian mysticism, and the Feminine Divine. For joy, we are all X-Men and Marvel heroes in this family lol xo!

amazing thanks go to dr. james maxwell, his surgical staff, nurse mary maxwell, dr. sarah nemetz, and
southview physical therapy for the TLC that made it so I can walk today; miracles do happen :)
to Diane Ferrucci for help with my acceptance of and courage with my disability
and to linden oaks physical therapy for my on-going care!

Shepherd of the Sea
Groton, CT
St. Ignatius
San Francisco, CA
Iyengar yoga training
St. Peters, Lewiston, NY
Catholic Youth Organization
Scholarship Recipient, 1987
Church of St. Isabella's
San Rafael, CA
Eucharistic Ministry
Circle Community
Fishers, NY
Psychic's Thyme
Rochester, NY

Divorced on the grounds of domestic violence against me, I am an abuse-survivor!

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