Sabrina's Happy Life

This is my first pic on my 2nd page of Love! :)

A Kiss is Just a Love Apart! Nose-kiss time with The G6 Group lol. My Mom, Bri (that's me), and Apache and Harley wrote a new song called Bri's Pianna. It's coming. The words are already up on the G6 Group website. Go read Brianna's Piana. Reggie named it lol. Now take a look at Mom's best video making effort. Say she says that every time I see one of the G6 vids from before I moved in lol. Go Mom! Go Apache and Reggie and Harley the Kid. xo! Amen to that! xo :) <3

Hey, so here's me, Apache, and my little bro Harley (little in size only lol)(well not his oh well nevermind lol) Anyway, this is us eating all together at night after we had some fun. He sat with Apache in the Snake and then he looked at my new Winter coat and he froze solid - from running up and down the arm mode to stop and freeze against Mom's body - when he thought he might get dropped since Mom went "oh no! I don't have an extra hand to grab you!" that boy was paying total care to his safety rules, he makes us have such a good night out of a day of crabby cats playing ouch with him. So now here's another photo, of me in my new coat. xo! ATT*R

Coat on a cat named Sabrina Marie Stahlman, to wear outside for snow fun on the balcony and at night. Dog coat on a cat, Petco size Medium.

SmartyKat CatChaise with Apache on two!

Watch Chair On a Chair: The Movie at our Youtube xo! att*r Love, Brianna

Harley, me, Apache and Mom light up our life!
Xmas 2012 starts right here!

Christmas 2012 Has Begun.
And Brianna LOVES her house, family, and Mom lol.

My mom says Merry Christmas the right way. I've learned all about the Christmas Spirit. Besides trees, presents, games, songs, and love the family way, I also watched lots of ABC Family and other fun Christmas romantic comedy movies. And my favorite so far (besides the one where Mario Lopez is handcuffed and made to be a pretend fiance lol) is this one, A Christmas Kiss.

My girl Amanda at the Golden Globes!

I love her hair all long and flowy but it'd also look great up in a little ponytail lol attxo*r!

My day at home watching TV with Mom, Apache, Harley, and the whole family in spirit form xo!

The White Ghost Trick, aka getting Ghost Images off your iMac's desktop display by setting your screensaver to an all-white image and waiting a while for it to unburn :) xo!

Redfoo runs around with our hearts LOL!

Redfoo sings with my girl! xo!

We watched Jaws for "Steven Spielberg Year"
-it scared me so much I screamed! lol att*R

Mom made a Jaws Smiley and thinks it's catnip for computer loverrs!

Me and my family (Harley's in the back inside his safe-shelf lol). Go Green Is Good On Mom and me, too xo!

Mom LOVES her green earrings (two different shades) and her Sally Hansen #450 Lickety-Split Lime nail polish for her St. Paddy's day outfit. We made it up all together. I did the hair - she loves the white bead hairband we have for her and begged me to pick that one today; I went with all white, she whined, and won lol! Apache, Harley, and me - I'm just Bri xo! - all got her the heart tshirt she likes to wear to Lynn's house for a luncheon day. We got gifts when she got home. I got a heart keychain that says my name on it. I LOVE it! Thanks Mom for loving us that much :)!

I love you, Selena, Katy, and Kristen - you're all so cool to me xo!

MTV facebooked this pic from the Nickelodeon Kids' Awards. Hey aren't they all so cool :)!

Hey, Mom says the Wizards of Waverly Place is such a funny show - she says Alex puts a love potion on too strong so she ends up falling in love with herself lol. And Justin's girlfriends (even Miranda?) always end up as monsters, so is she one lol. And today the zit talked to people and got Justin in trouble at the dance, saying stuff like 'hey mama, you got fries with that shake lol' and stuff like that. Anyway, Selena Gomez is so cool, she should be in that picture up there, too. Oh no, wait, Mom just said "she is" - too funny xo! att*r

BTW, Zoe does so good in Star Trek Into Darkness that I got this pic to put up before I get to see it on video next year or end of this year (fingers crossed for October dvd release lol) ~

I'm watching the Ellen sitcom from the A&E Channel DVD series. We're in Season Three right now. Mom's so busy with physical therapy and laying down on her heat pack butt warmer lol that we're doing a lot of shows to relax the atmosphere, since physical therapy is a mf bitch lol can I say that, we're on cable right, Mom? jk. Anyway, the show's so good, I just love it. My favorite since the last one, Big Bang Theory, which we finished and just adored, right Sheldon? lol. So, here's a clip we took since Princess Leia, lol Carrie the Fisherman, came on as a guest star. We had Martha the Stewartess and now Carrie la Fisherman. Make that Fisherwoman. Oh never mind, just look at the photo we took off the TV screen. Still the best Princess there is!

I love this! I'm best friends with my Mom and Jessie and Celia, my cousins. And Layla and Andrea my cousins from a little bit farther away lol xo! att*r love, Brianna Marie xo!

Salud vid. Sky Blu ft. Reek Rude, Sensato and Wilmer Valderrama

Salud! ft. Chelsea Korka dancing with her guy Sky xo!
We love you Chels! xo!

I've Got The Music In Me!
First piano solo time xo!

Katy upon the Brooklyn Bridge
My brother Harley and my brother Apache made me a very happy girl this night! xo!

My new girl, Sif - she rocks! xo!

My brothers and I. We're watching Iron Man 3 with her, that's Pepper, in her own suit! xo! ps. Mom's legs are the pink lumps under the bed - holler!

Family night with the six-one xo!
Love you! From Bri and Mom

New rug, old rug, same me, pumpkin yoga pose!
By Bri Marie lol

Tickle Treat!

Dressed up and ready for Anita and her girlfriend's lunch party xo!

Wrecking Ball! at the American Music Awards 2013 lol
Wow! Look at those cool earrings lol xo! att*R

My new hoodie had a Carly Rae like on her Instagram #HeyCarly day!

It's Lucy from the Austin & Ally where they are her mentor!

Go to my #smilesfilm picture with me, my mom, and Yoko!

My girl Chels Korka, she friended me online!
It made me feel great! Go check her out, she's @chelsea_korka and her twit following's also known as #CKCoolKids go for it! Be part of her @BigBadU xo! Love from Bri Marie :)

Here's me and my mom, I'm learning to trust love. And it feels this great! xo!

I Love Harley the Kid! xo!

My Mom and my cuz Celia are doing a protest for factory farming prevention!
We love animals, and factory farming is just wrong!
We can't stand and protest now that my Mom's leg is paralyzed, but she keeps a web page for us on animal rights and animal welfare, so we just use that as our only way to be active in these issue. Plus the way you shop makes an economic impact, so be active at the cash register!

Harley is my Peachalicious love!

Apache is my love!

I tried to kiss my H (a nose kiss lol) on the video but I got so shy! We are happily at work perfecting our online video romance xo!

Apache T. Stahlman loves me!

Pumpkin Paper Time!

My guys love me so much! Tonight I shared an on-camera kiss (a nose kiss lol) from me and Harley for you to see how much he loves me! We used to only tail touch, but now we nose kiss! I love him!

Then when Mom woke up, she found me snuggled with my other guy, Apache T. He's so warm and makes me feel so safe! We sleep right next to Harley's house. I'm so happy both my guys love me so much. I make lots of trouble because I had a bad past before they all rescued me :) And they love me just how I am! xo!

There's also my boy Reggie, who's been helping me sleep alone when I get too afraid of love. I still have that problem some days. He sends his arms to me. He's an astral guy, I love him, he helps me when I'm afraid. My whole family does. But his big arms make me feel not-alone down where I lay under the sleep-shelf. It's nice to be so loved. Now I'm feeling shy again! lol

Christmas has begun! 2014!

We love you, 2014!
We love you now, too, 2015! Let's Rock!

#tcby #froyo #yolo #arcticblast #astrals made me this mix! #love #maggie xo!

Mom wore her big new Swarovski earrings out in the Arctic Blast!

And then this happened...!

Me and Wonder Woman!
My new action figure/collectible! xo!

We watched the Grammy's! Here are two of my favorite moments.
First is me, and Tay, she was giving an award to her friend Sam.

And here's me watching Bey get her award for her tune Drunk In Love.
Love It! and love her curvy figure - that's how I look!

Our first Valentines since I'm a normal lady again now! xo!

It's Bri and her girl Peg!

And here's her guy Apache and the new Black Widow from Marvel's Avengers 2 that she got in her Valentine's Day bucket! xo!

Tara from the Walking Dead! Played by Alanna Masterson. Here she is on Talking Dead live with Chris Hardwick after it. We had so much fun this one! It was funny, easy, no big death scenes to deal with lol. It was LOL type of fun, and I had time sitting with my Mom watching it in bed with her and Apache and we took selfies, too!

I love my Mom! She made this for me to have a family art project finally. This statue is of me and my sister Alyson Lynn, and her half is the other side of it in the other photos of it lol. It's for me to have a handmade statue of me in my Mom's glass shelf area. This is unglazed. We get it back in a week and I'll put up another photo of it at that time!

My Apache T. when I'm being at my best is this happy!

We had so much fun today! I saw snow and some melting that sounded like rain! Birds in the trees chirping! And some geese flying back home even though Harley says the mall pond is still frozen and snow-covered! It was Divergent Test day. I got Abnegation!

And here's the Tris I got for the Insurgent Divergent Movie Outing led by Harley!

My girl Bri and her rare Scarlet Witch!
Bri is so much like her it's wild!
Love from her man on the scene, Harley the Kid! xo!

I went to feed the ducks after my docs! It was so much fun! I saw a man running, or yogging as Ron Burgundy would say lol. I saw ladies with babies, kids playing, lots of pigeons. There were only 2 ducks there, though, and across on the library side even. It's still early Spring here! We sat on the bench they put in next to the Coal Tower restaurant (that smelled so good!) and it faces... the parking lot! Idk why, but I loved it! Here's me. And then here's a #TBT all the way back to when Apache was first learning about ducks! They had a duck rug that got too dirty to play with anymore, and he loves shoes. Wearing them! That kinda handful, he is, lol. I love him! He helped me get the nerve up to go to my docs and then I got the duck feeding trip as my reward! The pigeons coo. That's the noise they make!

It's Bri, and I watched this whole video in great detail! It's from Reggie's Library adventure at the Victor Farmington Public Library in our town Victor, and we got this video so we didn't have to be the only ones left out of going to see the new "walls" they put up to be a place for a student art display. We had seen the SnapChat from the VFL about the walls, so Mom and Reggie took a video. Harley was really extra excited that it happened, and I finally watched a whole movie and found out that they want me there - that's why they take all the videos!

Bri's Page 1 ~ the Original Page xo!


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