Sabrina's Happy Life

Brianna's sexy and I know it nose lol

"It's Bri + Me!" Love, Apache the Kid :)

Me and he and we and she - we all played tunnel finally!

Me and Apache and Harley watching American Idol.
Voted for Joshua cuz he loves to sing and does a great job of it!

I had fun playing toys with Mom, Apache, and Me, Brianna Stahlman. Finally I'm a family here! I love her, him, and me. Our spirits help and Reggie is my big bro in heaven. I love him. Sorry he had to leave his home. Our lives had to be sad for me to come to be with Apache, who needs me so much. I am loving him!

I love my Mom for finding a home for me where I can express my feelings and talk and learn. She's an animal communicator lol. I love it here. I'm learning math, music, and have so many friends and new family members, like my new cousin Jessie who I just met yesterday. I have a Doctor Arnold who will love me and my mom asked math and me to be fun. It's fun here. I miss my Fluff but I hope she finds a great Mom, too. We didn't get to stay together. Sometimes sad things bring good things, too. Like when the toilet stopped Mom from getting a smaller cat for Apache. Since I'm the one, we had that take shape. Now it's stopped Mom from going out in the heat on a crazy feeling morning. She slept, she felt sad about Reggie, and so did I. We all felt sad. Apache's on her lap, I'm in bed, Reggie's Big Reggie and we're all okay now. I love you, Big Reggie and my Fluffs! xoxo

I'm enjoying the ride at home lol

Me and Apache and Mom make food mixes every few days, depending on how much we eat. We eat a lot, we hate on our poops, Mom says, "eat a little bit now and we'll make the mix later." This tunnel keeps the food mix making area free of cat feet lol. How about we play in it. Apache sat in it and looked hot and cute so then I had to try it, too. Mom only got me running out of it, since I am a fast little cat lol.

My sign for lavender mastery points lol!

Three (a triple bunch) of good photos Mom's too happy with to not put up online here!

Natascha Romanoff aka Black Widow. She will not let Ivan hurt her family or the others in the orphanage! That's what Mom says the book at the store says :)

The movie we all have waited two months for! <3 xo

Apache at the window with my new ponies!

Pizza made Mom howl with laughter lol!

Harley and Mom crying so happy
with fireworks behind :)


My brother sees a second night of them!

Mom, Harley, and his new friend, um, Spike!

Me, Brianna, hiding but happy <3!

Harley watched them all!
He wasn't even scared!
Well maybe a little!

I just watched Hiding with Mom and my big brother (I love him!) Apache Stahlman. Hiding was good for younger girls. Not little ones, but my age. Not too violent, a little love story. Good mystery. The end :)

You can buy Hiding at Walmart where Mom saw it for sale.

Take a look at my folder of girls who rock
~ it's over on our Google+ page!

Go to my Mom's page Webcetera to see the whole thing lol! I made her make it. She's too cool to not be uncool and make it unlike the others LOL. xo Sabrina the Cat!

My brother, other bro, Mom, and me love today, and you!:)

Mom said, "Thank you Brianna," and smiled so big our hearts made a connection that made me wanna cry outloud I Love You, Mom. So I just did Lol <3 :)

Taylor was so great at the VMA's singing We Are Never EVER Getting Back Together! :)

Taylor Swift finale of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together on the MTV Awards aka VMA's 2012

I don't have a good picture of what just happened but it was so great I had to say that I gave Harley a piece of his new orange pepper that he tried for the first time ever, and I got scared I'd mess up, but I sat very proper and still and said calmly as Mom would say - say it calmly and properly - and I said, "You are now going to see the whole orange sweet pepper," and he did and liked it, but was afraid at first to eat off it. So I dropped some in for him and he nibbled it and hugged me with his whole heart. I love you, my happy little healthy freak health-food nut Lol vegetables and a smile! Amen to that! xo :) Brianna the Kid. jk

Mom says that I'm a New York woman who has not yet been given the right to vote. But with the recent scientific declaration of my sentient right to be part of America, I know Like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said to me through my heart connection with him, that one day animals of all kind will be thought of as equal with the humans. We are getting our rights after the humans, and things are moving along in that species area. Then we will make the leap to noticing all animals have thinking minds (which has now just reached the Stephen Hawking level of scientific American thought, so we are just opening the doorway. Like Dr. King said, we may not see it while we are alive and breathing the air we all need, but Mother Earth will be here still making progress and I can watch with my spirit guide Mart as the change happens in the future. PS. Vote Inclusion of all types of animals, including the humans who are still be persecuted for their differences, like the gay and lesbian community which needs the right to marry to be made into law. Amen to that! xo, Brianna, a cat who knows stuff after all :)

"Before retiring, Anthony was asked if all women in the United States would ever be given the right to vote. She replied by stating, "it will come, but I shall not see it...It is inevitable. We can no more deny forever the right of self-government to one-half our people than we could keep the [African-American] forever in bondage. It will not be wrought by the same disrupting forces that freed the slave, but come it will, and I believe within a generation." "Failure is impossible" were the words she left with her "girls" to encourage them on in the long discouraging struggle ahead. Fourteen years after Anthony's death, following assiduous campaigning, women were given the right to vote on August 26, 1920, by the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution." (from Wikipedia's Susan B. Anthony entry, edited [in brackets] for modern okay languages)

"Maybe you should watch a cautionary tale that I like to call the nutty professor." From Schmidt of New Girl fame lol. And now, here's Nick acting like a leaper just for fun. Cuz fun saves the world in days like these :) xo! Love, Bri

Before I move to Page 2, let me describe my morning like this, "OMG Mom the giant spider is going to eat my new baby brother!! New to me, new to Halloween, new all year long, my brothers and I are going to have the best Halloween month ever! Called Pumpkin Month to my Mom, it's about fun, Fall, leaves, Autumn (the other word for Fall) and my Mom's favorite, scary things, like ghosts, goblins, the Teacher's family, the Elves, the Abominable Snowman's group, the witches, the good ones like me, the bad one's like the Dark Side creates, the words I can't say they're so bad to us, the weird scary elves, the bad angels, the good ones that fight them... The end! It's so much fun to be fake-scared. That's us, watching TV, doing Rx for my brother the Kid, and scaring ourselves to laugh about it for once. Xo! Brianna, the Girl :)

Mom's migraine poem (is that short enough for you ouchy eyes, Mom lol). Love, me, it's Bri! xo! lol

It hurts mom to sit and stare at the tv
She closes her eyes and the pain intensifies
And that's the only way to work it out of her eyes
The end.

Bri's Page 2 ~ More of me and you! :) xo!


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