Harley The Kid Stahlman!

Harley's #1 (his first video :)

Holding Harley (learning video)

On the bed with my brother, for a night of fun and love!

This is me in my house, with my mom, my dad and grandma are out there, and my brothers are here. I love my house! and I'm Harley :)

Me and my brothers made so much fun. We had a love time!!

I will be good at music forever now that I'm learning all about it!

With my brothers for my 1st Halloween and pumpkin!

I used my tunnel all by myself! 11.27.11

Eating, and looking at my first Christmas Tree!

This is my new ball! Woohoo, what a great day!

Brothers nosekiss from a safe spot on the floor lol!

I did a great job with my Madonna singing,
and blew the boys away!


Me and Reggie look at my first red sports car! Vroom vroom :).

Harley is too excited to come out and see his car.
Movie filmed by Apache Stahlman.

You can also watch movie #2 with apache, and my red car.

"My new car! Mom knew what I want,
she loves me now, all me, all the time.
The end."

Go visit the Art Store!

Today we did one-hand pictures for the first time! Someday soon, I want to be able to get picked up from my side-door and come out for hugs and kisses with my brothers and my Mom every single night! 03.18.12

Lady Gala!!

I'm with Love. My brothers and I had a great Easter dinner, party, party #2, and then my big brother Reggie went off to the doctors and had to leave for heaven. I'm very sad, but he's still here too. Alive in another form, he said, and him and me, Mom, and Apache, played this egg game the other night with my very own Easter eggs made by Mom, Apache, Harley, and Reggie, too, before he passed to the nighttime side. Amen <3.

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