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To the Movie <3!

Listening to the Wheel while running in one, now that's a real dead thing to do! I love you, too, Harley the Kid Stahlman xoxo <3!

My mom knew how to get me a safer shelf so I can find a baby cat that needs a new home with her. We have room for two cats, and my brother can't do his cat-stuffing all by himself down there on the floor part of the rooms. So mom said, "today is the day" and got one like magic like it always works for us. "It's time," she said, so it was right there at Walmart.com and I'll put up pictures of my new room when I get a chance to later on tonite lol. It'll really take about a month since Mom and I have to set it up, arrange and decorate it, too. Reggie must be so happy that we can fill up his box house with sorrow too. That way it built enough sadness that it made it time for the new cat or kitten to get a new spot in a really nice family. The end for now. Amen to that (as my brother Big Reggie still says from heaven. He'll be around still and telling us how to set up the shelf, I bet lol!)

Brianna is a great sister!

In the playhouse!

I love my Birthday Party Mom!

My bro's happy face (and Yoda pillow lol)


My big brother <3

Me, Mom, + my new friend Spike!

My sister Brianna <3!

Fireworks 2012! Amen to that!

My first bottle of Pink Boat, farmed all exclusively by us <3!

My family uses the timer on the camera, first time for us! It beeps, then it takes the shot :) Love from the Stahlmans, or Team Chaos, your pick. Kiss your family, xo Harley the Kid <3!

Ice cream by Brianna! Also known as Red Raider Delight lol :)
Apache loves me more every day I walk on his back to clean my feet. Joking at you, bro :)
Love to Bri and my family. Love from me and my Mom who says, be a nice boy and take a party pic with us now.

Tonite Bri made our first batch of Team Chaos Delight Twist lol how funny of a name she picked. Jk she renamed it but let me try to name it first. I did a web search for my name. She cancelled that plan. Like having Bri's Pi be our first new song of the year! Seriously, she's a mastermind of changing the plan. Like loving us and helping us be free <3!

Hey Jude, don't be afraid :) Love you Bri and Apache, and in that order tonite NOT. It's just that Apache's too happy to sing so I'm kidding him because it was such a cool show that he's too nervous to sing. So I kid him until he sings. Same story every time bro! lol

Go see Eating Fruit for Fun, With Harley the Kid Stahlman

You're So Mean Apache's Hair On His Legs! Lol Go shave it with Mom. You can. Be scared since we're almost at Halloween, it'll remind you of how fun it is to get scared in a safe place then say Boo! at the end lol :) xo Brianna, you help. I'll hear all about it at night, I'm sure of that. Kidding you xo :) Harley the actual Kid <3!

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