Harley with
Ten Apples Up On Top!

If I can believe it, it can happen!

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Mom: Hows my apple guy?
Harley: I'm really apple happy!

The game, from the book Ten Apples Up On Top!
by Dr. Seuss/Theo LeSieg

Serious apple eating business!

"The lady gala house. Ten of them on top of my head not!"

Ten Apples: The Interview!

Reggie: How did you feel with all of those apples on top?
Harley: I couldn't believe it! I saw so many. It was just like I planned, it was absolutely every thing I wanted to do. And I saw them all and I ran up and got them and I couldn't even speak. I was so happy. I was a happy apple boy! And just ran around, and I ate 'em and ate 'em, and I ran and ate 'em, and I just ate apples all night!

Apache: Why did you tell them to get that many apples? What made you think of that? What was the original plan, and did it work out how you thought? What did we do right, and how did we do it for you?
Harley: Well I told you I wanted the apples because the book says ten apples up on top of his head, and I said 'how many can I put on my head?' and he said, 'you cant put any on your head, crazy, you can put them in your mouth' which is part of my head, which is in the part of my head I want to eat with so that is what I did!

Mom: Once you put them all in your mouth and then you ate them again, did they all taste the same or could you taste the different apples?
Harley: [Answer needs decoding, it was so giggly!]

Harley: How many days will you have to eat apples to eat all the apples in the refrigerator?
Mom: Well Harley, I will be eating apples from now until next March! I did not have any today yet, but I will have them before I go to bed. Tonite you are having strawberry.
Harley: Why are you having strawberry tonite?
Mom: 'Cause I think a little change of taste is great and you love strawberry!

Mom: Did you know your brothers were watching?
Harley: Yes,we were running and having a good time and laughing, and we laughed all night! Then Figs was there and he laughed, and Mouse laughed and Maggie laughed and Apache laughed and Reggie and Alyson too, and I don't know much about her but she's always there and laughing probably at all of us and 'cause we're all so little to her 'cause she's the biggest in Mom's heart and she was there first and taught everyone to laugh. And now Maggie's there and Reggie's happy and we had a good time! And I saw them behind me and I didn't care because they're always right there but they were watching. And Apache was trying to get in and get my apples, so I ate my apples as fast as I could. It was like having one of those wild birds trying to get me at night! It was perfect! It was real! I had to run real fast and get my food.

Harley: How can I eat my strawberry without Mom talking anymore? The end. Turn off the recorder and put the music back on!

Backstage pics + vids!

"Apple #11 is for his big brother Mutty in heaven,
jealous of all the new kinds of apples we eat here lol!"

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Sam. My motorcycle!

Cat, And four caramel apples :)

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Apple for the Caramel Girl: Monstober 2014
And Mom's First Homemade Caramel Apple!

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From Power's Farmer's Market in Pittsford, NY

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