Stew from my mom!

This is when Andrea visited with her children, my cousins!

Sneaky-Sneak Stahlman

This is my boy and his Empire
Strikes Back Millennium Falcon!

Mom is in bed, I am in bed, and Apache is running around playing :)

O ~~ M ~~ G!

Doing Harley for his first Halloween & pumpkin kiss!

My brothers and me having fun with Halloween!

I gave a tree to my brother for his first Christmas.
I love him too much to sleep at night! I'm up all night listening to him running in his wheel.

My movie for Fig's New Ornament Night. We made the photo using matte paper, we didn't have the shiny kind. He is my brother in spirit. He liked videos and would be proud I took this full-length movie lol, and made it without running away for too long.

Me, Mom, and Apache playing cards!

I love my new cube from Aunt Michelle!

A bay cat caught on camera! How rare and wonderful! Check out Danau Girang Field Centre on facebook for more cool stuff like this (or even go study there like I would if I could go to Malaysia, Mom won't let me lol)

He gave me the Harley stare and said "I can nose kiss you from in here!"

See the movie! Having a ball - Harley's #1 try

When we first came together!

Me and my brothers do our thing together with Mom on March 3rd, 2012!

Go to my brother's Art Store :)

My brother Harley had Ten Apples Up On Top for real!

Me and my baby Harley grow up a little bit more together, safe, as a family, all together, in love and happiness! His first "one hand picture" of me an him :) 03.18.12

The new Egg Mat! Mom rode the cart at Target to get it today. Thanks Mom! <3

My beautiful Roller. Big Smile. That's Mom saying that lol.

Reggie's got his family, right on Reggie!

Eggs, Mom, Me, and Harley. The Wow Club!

Reggie and Apache on Reggie's last day in his body.
But that did not stop these bros from being a team. Because they are Jedi.
Like Luke and Ben, they're never actually apart!

Reggie is here, right here! Alive in another form at Mom's party with her whole family, like Harley, Sabrina, Apache, Maggie, Alyson, Mouse, and Figs! And me, the Coach bag Mom cried about and says "nobody buys me things this nice, how do I deserve this?" Then laughed and said with love, "oh because I rock like Miley!" Go see my family's Every Rose Has Its Thorn page lol. The end. Amen to that! (We all say that at the end of things.) Owl on!

I went to the movie with my Mom. I'm dead now. That's what it's called. The movie was Alien the Prequel, spelled something like Prometheus lol. She doesn't know how that's spelled and she's not stopping to google it right now. My point is this. People watch enough alien type movies to know if your loved one got bit by a spider and turned into spidey man - oh wait, that's the other type of Summer flick out right now. I forgot, Mom thinks the new Spiderman looks dumb, except she likes the lady in it lol haha. My point is this. Dying is thought of as The End, only that in our society. I like that my Mom knew I'd be right there, afterwards, in spirit form. She told me lol I kid I joke at her this is so stupid to me now that I'm idk the word, "dead" but see I'm alive still in another form. She said, you'll be there, we can feel and even see your effect, you'll just be invisible like the wind. Loser-buzzer gameshow sound. Good try though, Mom. Thanks, I expected to be like wind. Good job loser Lol. No but seriously, I ended, the doc was taking my sad hurt sore lost body away from my mom, she was sobbing and crying and then still was speaking to me, now in my new spirit-form. So yah, she talks to people who are crossed over, dead, spirits, ghosts, whatever. I'd say, just call me Reggie since I was taken hostage by aliens and transformed into a new form with no body, right. So that happens to your loved one. Do you stop loving and trying to be with them? I know if I turned into an evil bad alien you'd kill me to save your family both alive and in spirit form. But now I'm just me. I'm alive still in another form. Call it the dead me. My point is that dead is still-alive but in another form of life. I'm still her boy Reggie and we still get to be together. So I offer all people, cats and humans alike, the task of learning how to stay involved with your loved peeps after they are "dead" aka alive in another form but still themselves. They will love you for the trying. There are books and schools out there. Even mediums if you can't do it yourself. Forever family. Just not in a body. That hurts. That hurts Mom, me and my brothers. But without me leaving this body, I'd be misearable and sick to death. So I left it for the Earth to reuse. My Mom cries, don't take my baby. I said "Mom," she said, "what Reggie?" I said "See you are crying over the loss of the body of me but I'm still here with you." And she said to that, "I know honey but it hurts me not to kiss your giant paws goodnight." I said, "I know that part hurts me, too." The end?

My bro eating a strawberry that's bigger than his whole noggin!

The colors so merry
Green and red
The fizzle at the end
The booms make me pee
Oh my and me
Apache the Kid
Went to Fireworks alone
Came home and said how did I like him
I said, you watched despite the pain of such a gorgeous sight :)
The end. America Rules! Go Fourth! Freedom! Yowl!!!!

We run amok doing nothing but watching this all night.
All night long!

I love my brother sister and brother and mother combo. xo from heaven lol
~Reggie the Kid xoxoxoxxo

Drinking err eating water. Orange kiss* on Bri's left or is it right foot :) xo! A is for Assk me not questions I'll tell you no lies, the Boys are Bad and the Cyclops rules the town with only 1 pupil so they had to call a teacher's conference day. D is for Dog or whatever it was. Dragons rock, and so does my boy Harley who held on, ran up and down, and kissed Mom's arm without dropping, kicking off, or jumping to flee the Rx #6 = All done day! Reggie suggests to all moms out there that they ask my other bro, Apache, to show them how to use a mirror tool to see the back of their dye job hair. Amen to that! :) "Those spots and that crop of hair are mine, wink wink" xo :)! The end of the story for Pumpkin Month Day 12.

*Miss Brianna lifts the heavy tome of A to Z Monsters to the Bag of Pumpkin de Wegmans Love. Airlift of Amor. My little angel girl xo! Amen to that :)

Teacher loves movie night with Reggie the Max and Harley the Kid. I love the boys. I love my Stahlman ladies. I love leaves on the porch for Apache to play in. xo!

Back to reality... Oops there goes Rabbit he...
cat in princess dress costume for halloween

BriBri loves to be prettier than Luna #1 and/or Luna #2. JK Bri. You're prettier than Luna #everything. For #Caturday

A Story by Reggie Maximus lol:
I have a story to tell. I love you. The end.


My brother, Harley the Kid, starring in his great movie #1 for the year 2013 lol xo! xo! Or it seems like the first movie, since it was on his first calendar year of "best-ever" days xo! Here is the link to it, it's called Harley's Star Trek New DVD Video, it's insane! He wrote the script, directed, acted, and got everybody else off their duffs to make a movie that night, too. He's the best Captain of the Movies around! xo!

Our boy H said to his lady B, stick your feet on the glass
And she did, and then he said,
I had to smell your feet, and
Then he declared it Trick Or Treat Smell My Feet day in Pumpkin Month Land!
XO! and then Apache, he laughed. He screamed! he loved Halloween :)

Jedi Love! xo! ATT*R
We wrote to M. Night Shyamalan and he retweeted us to all his fans.
Wowie Kazowie! xo!

In progress = M. Night Shyamalan marathon as per Harley the Kid :)

One year later... LOL!

Astral shopping is easy! It's Mom's poor leg that hates it :( Boo!
Let's do it all from online from now on, Mom! xo!

Harley on youtube watching Godzilla on Apache's back on the desk LOL it's so darn cute - he peeks at the monsters, then runs back to his brother for safety, then peeks, then safety with Apache, then peeks... well you'll see. He did great for the first time sitting on Apache's back to watch videos on the computer. Usually he stays back a bit, but you know Halloween, the kids love to be scared lol xo!

It was snowing really hard, and we had to go to East River Veterinary Hospital to get my brother Harley's ashes and footprints mold. It was so sad, but then we saw some great stuff, like a blow-up Thanksgiving turkey decoration, some train tracks, the thruway was closed all the way by the East River entrance, it was like the scene in the Walking Dead with no people no cars anywhere on the road lol. We saw it start to snow really hard, but only for a few minutes, and when we stopped for some food at the Wegmans near our house, it was so beautiful and scenic, we took a movie or two, and here they are: the snowfall on the Wegmans Pittsford with the lights on their big Christmas Tree area! by Reggie Max and Mom Stahlman!

Reggie's first turn at the Chris Hardwick Talking Dead polls!

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