That's me!

can you look at my movies?

Dolce & Gabbanna: One True Gentleman
fragrance for men
Photos by Reggie & Apache

me, and my new winter sweater

gift day with figs, christmas
i'm in my house.

and so is figs!

my new markers :)

"Our tree was the best tree ever,

because i love you and my family, too!"

(Christmas 2010)

At home with Apache.

new camera day. nice!

I have very big extra-toes on my paws. I'm a polydactyl cat. Me and Mom trim my claws every month or the extra claws can curl under and grow right into my paws (ouch!). Polydactyls have long been considered very special luck for any person who gets the honor of being in their family.

Polydactyl paws are considered a New England-cat thing to have, but I'm a born California boy, so that's just a stereotype, lol. History says that Ernest Hemingway, an author my mom liked a lot in high school wayyy back before she adopted me (from the Marin Humane Society btw, paws up to them!), was a dad to so many polydactyls that sometimes we're nicknamed Hemingway cats. In fact, the Ernest Hemingway house has about 60 of us super cool big pawed kittens living there still.

Nobody calls me a hemingway though, I just like my own name Reggie. I have very special paws. I can catch you and give you great big hugs with them!

I love my mom's cornbread!

me and dad had a party

I want you to know I look really happy in these pictures again!

it was a good day and we are all happy.

i love you figs!

I took a picture with my new stickers. This is me and Star Wars now.

The visualizer is too big for my head!

Here's Mom and me playing with the camera with Apache. We figured out how to set it to take a picture.

Reggie and Apache visit with Gunnar.
Here I am getting pet by him for the first time!!

The day I first held my brother, Harley!

Watching E.T. with my Mom.
I'm Ell-i-ott!

Asleep in my favorite place!

My new blanket for my brother was a big hit. He loved it <3 And I love him!

I love him!

Why do fires smell funny? Because they look funny!

Great job Apache for taking a good pic for our web site!

I love my house so much!!

Me, Harley, Apache, and Mom!

Apache and Reggie have a baby on their back!

Hide & Seek, with Paper!!!

3 glowing gorgeous guys and a girl!

My stuff from the Falls, when Mom went to see Layla and Gunnar :)

Gunnar sent us a text and here's what he said ~

I love you

And I said ~

love you, i love you too! see you tomorrow!

The he said ~


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