This is the new and edited version of the older page called Grrls On the Bus! We thought maybe we were being reverse-sexist by putting up all the women in one spot. But, further consideration aside, we figure that women get a raw deal in the music business, especially behind the scenes. Also, the same goes in a lot of the religious or spiritual institutions. And a glass ceiling still exists, well, all over the place. So take a look at the varied ways you can be On The Bus with the Pranksters, and in Tour, and around the scene. We'd love to add you to this page if you feel like you love being part of it, send us a note, the link is down below. xo! And also offer us any suggestions for who you want to see on here - we're slow at this now (my Mom has a disability that moves us slower than snail lol). We will get some pix up, too. Stay tuned!
Love, from Apache T. a boy who loves his Mom and all other ladies who are cool, not mean, and part of his life in this way or any other place he's been :)

Grrls On
The Bus

Women of the Dead Family

deadheads. sisters. phamily.

Mountain Girl
Carolyn Adams
New Maps of Hyperspace's
Mountain Girl Interview

Women's Visionary Congress

Donna Jean Godchaux
Donna Jean Godchaux Band

Candace Brightman
Lighting designer and special effects wizard

Gloria Jones & Jackie LaBranch
Shirley Starks & Cheryl Rucker
Jerry Garcia Band

Lisa Mackey
Dark Star Orchestra

Merry Pranksters

Cathy Casamo
Stark Naked

Paula Sundstern
Gretchen Fetchen
The Slime Queen

Jane Burton
Generally Famished

Carolyn Garcia
Mountain Girl

2nd Self Association of UM Girls
2nd Self on Myspace

Joan Osborne
Joan Osborne homepage

The Joan Zone!

Alyson, Maggie, and Brianna Stahlman

The G6 Group
G6 Group on MTV

Sue Weiand
Susan J. Weiand Photography

Nicki Scully

Shamanic Journeys

Faye Kesey

Key-Z Productions

Carrie Adler
Seconds On End

Shelley Doty

Jerilyn Lee Brandelius
Jerilyn's Grateful Dead Family Album

The Phunky Bitches
PB Online

Betty Cantor-Jackson, Sound Engineer
What are Betty Boards?

Glenys Rogers
Talking Drum
Glenys' MTV homepage

Glenys Rogers at Coyote Music

Sandra Stahlman
Medium and Shaman

Deborah Koons Garcia
The Future of Food

Trixie Garcia

Jill Lesh
Unbroken Chain Foundation

Bobi Cespedes
Bobi's Homepage

Julia Butterfly Hill, Eco-Warrior
Visit the Circle of Life Foundation

Debbie Henry

The Mint Juleps
Debbie Charles, Lizzie Charles, Julie Isaac
Debbie Longworth, Marcia Charles, Sandra Charles

Azam Ali
Azam's Home

At the Black & White Ball in San Francisco (there with Ratdog)

Nadine LaFond
Nadine's home

Allie Kral
Allie's homepage

Yodeladies homepage

Sunshine Becker
From Furthur
Sunshine's Facebook

Email Me
at with a picture and your name,
and I'll add you to the page! Thanks! From Apache T!

The Song for the Singer

Manasha Garcia
Manasha's Facebook

Grace Potter
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals

Cedella and Sharon Marley
The Melody Makers

proud-walking jingle in
the midnight sun

Grateful Beth
Grateful Beth & the Volunteers at Myspace

Macyn Taylor
Macyn's Myspace

Libby McLinn
Spinner, Phish Road Crew
Libby's homepage

Living the Kind Dream
RFunkAllstar's Myspace

Brenda, Karen, Annie, & Kristin
The Heil's Girls

not like other girls

Comic book colors
on a violin river

Shakedown Mama
Shakedown Mama's Myspace


Strangers Stopping Strangers
Just to Shake Their Hand

Visit Furthurmore for more on the Stahlman's and their role in the Dead family.

Check out 20 Safety Tips for Participating In Ceremonies That Use Psychoactive Substances from the Women's Visionary Congress

The new'ish movie Lucy starring our girl Scarlett Johansson has a lot to learn about expanding your consciousness, psi abilities you might develop, and the nature of being interconnected and living with non-local thought! You should watch!

Spinner, Zone Diver, Shaman
Off-Tour, Disabled, Mom
The G6 Group

Home to Merovence