Family Pet Fashion Show

& Chaos Cosplay
Halloween Costumes for your pets!
Modeled by Brianna, Harley the Kid, Apaches, and Reggie!
(Our Chaos Cosplayers!)

Marvel's Iron Man 3 cat/dog costume from PetSmart

Homemade cape for small animals. Go as your own hero xo!

From Target 2014, it's a pet costume with real "spirit" lol
Brianna Marie our G6 Group Cheerleader!

It's Harley as Mr. Spock from Star Trek
Made from characters fabric from Jo-Anns
From the Heroes by H. Collection of 2014 Halloween Season!

Bri went as Pooh, from PetSmart's adorable
Disney Collection for cats/dogs Halloween 2013

Just like your human children, pets might try to wiggle out of their costumes the first year lol. You know what I mean, right! So the idea is laugh, enjoy, make it fun, play with it (but if they are really scared, don't force it). Each pet likes different style costumes. Some love hats, some hate hats. Some wear the big full costumes. Some want just a cape. Most important is to make it for the whole family; create part of your Halloween ritual just for them. Mine trick-or-treat to the other rooms of the house (cats and hamsters can't go door-to-door outside). My relatives go into other rooms, close the door. We dress-up, and go knock on the door. Their excitement for trick-or-treating is an amazing thing to experience. Relatives open the door, I say trick or treat for them :) They get pooh and aaahs just like human kids, and a small bag with pet-safe goodies and toys. It's so much fun, for the whole family! Please, enjoy it!

Pet costumes need to be safe! Check for things that can choke, and things that can strangle!

Look for safe velcro, like this Devil cutie on Apache T. (from PetSmart)

Shop for pet costumes at Target, Walmart, PetSmart, Petco, and many, many other stores! Online, too.

Dog ties/size small from Petco fits cats great!

Captain America homemade small animal cape,
from character print fabric at Jo-Ann Fabrics
One of Harley's "Heroes by H." designs

Apache as Captain America, by Marvel at PetSmart 2015

Getting a kiss from Brianna Marie, it's the Vampire Drac lol

Boo! It's Apache T. as a Frog this year!

Bri as Wonder Woman and her Harley the Kid nose kiss through his house :)

More Halloween costumes for pets on display at our Family Pet Fashion Show page.

Check out Trick or Treat tips from Purr Magazine by Purina
PS. Toys are a good "treat" for pets watching their weight :)

PetSmart Cinderella for dogs and cats. Our Bri is beautiful xo!

Frog Costume for Cats and Dogs from PetSmart 2013

Trying on... Too big! but very pretty!
Too much hanging fabric can get snagged and your pet can get hung up! Too long - they can trip! They need to be able to jump and walk safely. (But don't go so tight fitting that they can't breathe, either!)

Bri in the Rapunzel costume from PetSmart 2017

Apache tries on his Thor costume, from Marvel at PetSmart, 2017

Hi, I'm Sandy Stahlman, and this is my family :) Happily, I received my formal training in animal enrichment and play at the San Francisco Zoo, the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute, and at the Marin WildCare and Terwilliger Education Center. Beyond that, I am an Animal Communication specialist, trained in both vocal and gestural language usage, and in interspecies telepathic communication (aka "whispering"). Informally, Apaches, Brianna Marie, and Harley the Kid keep me busy coming up with new ideas and projects to keep them content, growing, and playful. I no longer do any professional work, but my children beam such joy when they put on clothing, that we wanted to share their family photos with the world; hope your pet family has this much fun with it, too! xo!

Boo! Now give me a treat lol, or trick you I will!

Doing the pigeon!

We found out that "hat" style costumes are harder to get used to.
But not impossible! :) Like your human kids, costumes take getting used to.
Laugh, have fun, give them pet-safe treats and toys.
They LOVE it! So happy to be included!

We're indoor cats, so we trick-or-treat
to the other rooms in our house!
Grama and Grampa, our siblings, and our cousins shut the doors.
Mom helps us knock and yells trick-or-treat for us!
And we get treats from all the other rooms!!
It's so much fun for everybody :) xo!

Brianna Is Pepper Potts!

You've got to see the rest of the
Spiderman Costumes for Pets photos!
Halloween and ComicCon Cosplay
With Apache the Cat and Harley the Hamster :)

Halloween 2014 Top Paw Collection! from

Bri as Elsa! In her Frozen Disney Princess dress
by Disney and in PetSmart's Halloween 2015 line :)

Tank tee by Marvel and PetSmart, Summer 2015
It's Apache with his shield on his back, as Captain America!

Indoor trick-or-treating with our cousins.
Elsa, Anna, and The Skunk!

Falling Leaves and The Skunk!
ApacheT. in costume by PetSmart and TopPaw
Artwork by Harley the kid :)

Some great Halloween costumes for Small Pets are available from PetSmart this year!

Our Bri as PumpkinCutiePie
Indoor Trick-or-Treating 2015

Apache T - Monstober 2015
Indoor Trick-or-Treat Costume Day

The Chicken-Head Ambassador for 2015
Is Brianna Marie Stahlman!

Apache is The Batman and
Brianna Marie as Wonder Woman
ComicCon cosplay 2016, DC Comics costumes from PetSmart

Sneak Preview of Our Halloween 2016 Costumes

Apache the Lobster!

The most popular costume at PetSmart this year!

Brianna's New Wonder Woman Cosplay
Halloween Costume

Showing off her new cape!
by DC Comics, at PetSmart

Can't wait for Monstober!!

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