Apache's Writings
This is my page for writing anything I want - like a blog, but different since it's on my very own homepage. I love to write, think, work on things, do projects, organize stuff, and draw, paint, and design web sites lol. This page is my own. I am Apache the Kid haha. I love you, Mom ~ she is typing for me since I do not have the type of hands that work with this keyboard. If anybody wants an Apple/Mac keyboard that works for cats, I will be the guinea pig and write on it for myself. I do math, am working on reading starting with the letters of the alphabet, and even know basic html tagging lol so there! I am writing so that the animals of the world, all of them not just the humans, end up equal one day. Martin Luther King Jr, or Mart to me since he is my spirit guide and let's me talk to him in an informal way so we have fun together while I learn from him, said that one step towards equality is how you get there. One day, all cats can work online with their thoughts if they develop the software (like what they try to do for people in full-body paralysis, right), or on a keyboard if they think how big my paws are and get me my own form of Mac Apple stuff, so that I can leave mom to her physical therapy since she can barely type at all anymore since her abusive past left her partially handicapped herself. But she spent a minute writing this for me so that I can have a life that is bigger than the small one that most ordinary house cats get. I am not saying they are not happy, but I am one of the few that breed a new world together with all the other Animal Communicator cats and other non-humans and the humans that help that are out there making it so not only the other races of humans share equality, the other colors, codes of life, sexuality, etcetera, but all beings together - like Star Wars with all different species living together. One day we will all be together that way, since the world is evolving and we are the group that starts the changes. My band (Mart once said to me when I was feeling sad that nobody listens to them online)(we are The G6 Group, btw) is a band of human and non-humans living together having fun. It's a garage band since we are all too busy with my mom's physical therapy and tired life with her poor sad leg to do anything working, no job, not even my own band online. But if you like my songs (we do like one every few months lol!), I can say that you thought that a cat could make a song for you. Then all cats one day will be able to be in real bands on the radio, if they are good enough to roll that way. So anyway... This will be my spot to write whatever I want to. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Amen to that!

Next thing I want to write about is my new beautiful sister, Sabrina or Brianna, whichever you find fascinating and fun to say lol. She's my new sister, and I just helped her see the outside air on the porch, for the first real trip out there. No Grama and Grampa cramping her style, lol, they make her nervous since she doesn't see very much of them even though we live with them here, and Mom takes us out safely with a harness, and she did her gosh'darned best to get it on, with me waiting, already in mine, and we went out together, and she sat safe in her chair with Mom and we listened to things. That's me and Mom's old favorite type of porch game. What do you hear? I learned so much about the world just sitting and talking with my Animal Communicator mom who teaches me everything I want to know about the world from watching TV like the 70's Show to sitting and listening - since I can't go out, we use those things as jumping points to learn things, anything. Like once I saw a huge giant eagle out there, scary as all getout. And I ran the hell into the house, and I had no idea what it was. Turns out it was a helicopter doing some sort of search and rescue sweep of the woods behind our apartment complex, right, so I go out there and she's afraid since it's all new to her. And I'm glad she had her harness on since the fence is, as Mom says, safe for humans, not for cats. And it's her parents' house so we can't beef up the safety by adding chicken wire fence along the bottom, so we have to have a harness on even though it's a porch. We're on the second floor, making it technically a balcony, so nobody falls off. And boy did it scare us both when the wind went, Brother Wind Is Loud Today, and yelled so loud that even I wanted in. So that was enough, but on top of that, a car kickstarted down below - out of sight, and it scared Bri (that's what we call her ha!) and we ran into the house and she had her collar, harness, and leash on, and ran under the bed with them on and Mom said (Bri will guest quote her here right now: "Mom said, get out from under the bed, omg Brianna, Brianna get out here you will get strangled owwww my head, get out here I have a migraine and I forget about it when you could get hurt - if you jump up the leash will get caught and pull you back lol the end Amen to that!"). Now where was I - so on the porch, and I will wrap this long-winded post up quickly as Mom would say now since she doesn't want to type today at all... She heard a bird but it was not, it was a machine sound, it was an airplane. And we have Psych on a lot for her since it calms her since it's funny, and we learn a lot - not the show itself is teaching, but Mom says, "that's a so and so" and tells us about it. So we said, what type of airplane. I said regular. I told her about two different types of planes using Psych and we figured out, mini plane like the run after in the one where the boys go on the dating show lol! The end :)

Fireworks for my Brianna Marie Stahlman!

My fireworks
In my heart
In the sky
Fourth of July
July the fourth of love
Love to my Bri
The end <3 :) !

My family is so cool. My mom did a search for meme-makers to put snoopy doing a bow + arrow on her Webcetera page. We couldn't figure any of those out, we don't have the time or energy or "leg" as Mom says since she can't sit down for more than a few minutes at a time, but we have a quick link to a graphic converter that put Smack! on the jpeg and we put it up with all the other one's who were saying "I've got this" like apparently the girl (name?) in Hunger Games started out the meme by saying in big bright yellow. Is it Impact font like the avatars use lol? Or is it another one if it's in big yellow lettering and not in the all caps one they use on the cat memes. Reddit and Imgur are the next frontier for us!

Does it hurt you still, that your cat or dog died from the Melamine Kidney Toxic to Pets Recall? It hurts us still. My brother Reggie did not die that year. Or right away like your cat or dog might have. My Reggie lived ill for another long 5 years. My cousins, two cats from Niagara Falls area, died right away from kidney disease, aka kidney failure. We didn't want it to be called "failure" since Reggie's was a slow long draw-out disease that ended in the failure of both his lovely, lovable, we love you too Reggie, kidneys. I never knew anybody fight harder to be a good sport, play along, laugh, learn, grow, and change into a beautiful human lol right in front of my eyes. My poor Mom, I say with delight in her strength of character, adopted a new family member for me, my Brianna, right when Reggie said I'd need him most, after he had died. He told me, take about a month, then get that spot in our house filled up. So I did, and Bri happens to love (have you learned enough about animal enrichment to read my blog the way it's written lol :) Bri happens to love CSI NY episodes and when they convict I think, that's what should happen to whoever let the melamine into the food, killing untold numbers of families on the spot. Who lives through that without even justice taking part of the pain away. The end lol. We all say "the end" at the end of our rants. I love my Reggie enough to say that if you still feel pain from losing one of your home-bodies to this toxic poisoning of too many loved ones, or if you know someone who did, we did not forget your pain today. I love you, Apache the Kid Stahlman. The end.

A lot of brass, by the former President of the United States of America, William Jefferson Clinton. My mom likes how he explains things, including how to say big ass balls on television lol. The end.

It's something very nice to see my brother, Apache, slow dance with the spider decoration. It's up and my brother, Reggie in the Spirit World, and my sister, Bri, right here on this plane of reality, and my other brother, the one who just slow danced with the Spider, he's the best coolest thing on the planet. Alive or alive-dead, that's him, the guy who slowed and danced up close with the cackling Spider, the thing we dread (since we live the life of humans who seem to think spiders are scary, that is; make them big enough, Mom, and we can be scared of them making Halloween craziness, too). Amen to that! That's me, I'm Harley, the Kid of Halloween time, making music, playing with the Spider, and mostly being made to type this without my knowledge lol. Apache, signing out. XO! To my sister, Bri, I'm mostly happy you me and Harley just put up the Spider without any anger or pain. The end :)

My brother and my cousin Bailey were together in Heaven today when we made a card to send to his sister, brother, mom, and father in Niagara Falls. I was like, omg, not my cousin! But nobody knows how much I love him, since I didn't get to see him face-to-face ever. But my Mom tells me all about him, and she can (animal whispering/telepathic communication with non-humans and humans lol) talk to him when she's there, and last time, he posed for two really nice photos. And we took them, and a funny one of him with Layla, my little girl cousin there, and she said "we love you" and went home the other day and now he's died. So I said, write a good card and Mom had the photos open, and a picture to a psychic medium is like an URL to a webpage, she gets good data right off it. And he said to us, "I'm here with your brother, Reggie. Reggie says hello!" and Mom laughed then went WOW that's the coolest message he could ever give us. And then he told me, it's just like going to sleep for a while (that's apparently what life is like lol) then we'll be hanging out together in Heaven and I'll get to see his happy face then. That's what he said, like sad is a happy alive thing and then I will be hanging out with him and he was telling Mom something about how it goes like that how we're already together there in the time when I'm not alive and I'll get to see his face and hang with him then, and then Mom and I and Brianna we all got too emotional and asked to talk about it later. Which is really later, since Harley just woke up for a drink of water. Gotta run and tell him what Bailey said to us. Xo. And Brianna adds in "It's me, it's Bri xo! and Amen to that. Our slogan lol :)"

I'm back. Harley said, make the Halloween cards and do his part of picking out the jokes for each one. Check! lol. And he got a new tp roll for his chewing needs. Done that, check! xo. Now he can go back to sleep. And rest and get ready to see the Halloween decorations out on the porch - safely lol in his carrier, no hands out there in the bigger than the big room world. Love that boy, but birds of prey and rooms without animal-safety provisions including a world of cords and poison plants and too many hiding places, unfamiliar rooms, and don't get me started... Mom would say too late! And now my serene tone's gone and I'm ending with a silly picture of my Layla and cousin B from the Falls lol:

I wish my family much happiness. The G6 Group loves you :)

Here's a sad song that I'm writing for my band, the G6 Group. We're having a tough time getting any music to disc since I'm feeling all torn up inside and causing family turmoil by arguing my way through my grief cycles of love for my big bro Reggie Max who died and said that I was still with him - he's alive in an astral body form now, but that doesn't take away the grief over losing his regular form, or what he was then I guess I'm over-analyzing. Let's just sing the song and figure out how to fix my new bad angry habits I developed this year so that the music doesn't end because of my new bad temperament. Xo! I love you G6'ers! and here's the new lyrics I wrote about all this, it's called:

The Love I Left

Today Mom smiled at the now
My heart bleeds pain of then
Then isn't free
Then costs her home
Then is the when I wasn't there
Then is past my life

Thinking about my now,
I have love, faith in my home, and a heart too scared to sit down and be okay
Sad Mom, sad Bri, sad Harley and Reggie and Mom and me
Sad without my Reggie
The Roller who rolled away
The end.

I'm having a horrible life because I'm too sad to be happy with being okay having my big brother Reggie as a spirit. I'm missing him. I can talk - he's a happy spirit (not so happy when I hurt my mom since I'm so sad). I'm forgetting that sad's okay as long as you work together like a family. I'm angry, mean, say horrible things, get upset then yell at my mom. My new beautiful sister and lady for me, my Bri, I don't even get to talk to her all day, I just sulk. How do you say I'm sad and then be sad all day but still have fun? I think my Reggie did it for me all last year. All year, he was so hurt, he got up, walked over, sat there, had some fun, then went back to sad since he was hurt so bad from his kidney disease. So I try to be more like him. Today I don't feel like doing anything. Mom's sad about Easter (we had a very hard VERY HARD one last year, for so many different reasons, but it was still very fun!) Can't I find that part of me again? Please god, I miss being nice to my family. My poor mom just wants us to try hard to be our own selves. We usually get together no matter what!

Kids love tour shirts! These are at PetSmart for dogs and cats! :) These are puppy or kitten sizes, I think. They have Beatles shirts, and Pink Floyd ones now, too! xo!

Hey, did I tell you about cool new clothes? Look at what Mom found on the clearance rack - last one, it's mine now, all mine. ALL MINE! :)

That's my bro! He made me get off my grouchy butt and party like it's 2013 Earth Day. Hallelujah! Amen to That! xo! Love, Reggie's RockStar :)
PS. Please recycle your used Scratcher Chairs, dudes and dudettes lol :)

Mom says I did really good today. Hugs are the best thing in the whole wide world. If you're angry, grumpy, or down-right depressed, grab a best friend in the whole world and hug them tight. If you can't smile or laugh, you can make a joke and that helps everybody feel better. Try impersonating something that people you know laugh about on tv - like talk like Sheldon or Amy for a while; they'll all laugh and you'll get to make them feel better, which helps you feel it, too for a while. Now give me more hugs Mom, cuz I miss my little baby bro FigsyWiggsy the Max! xo! att*RF lol :)

I was so happy when Harley, Mom, me, and my girl Bri watched the fireworks on the Fourth of July this year that I cannot really express how happy I am with my family, and our country, and that fireworks show that Macy's put on for us. Our favorite singers, like Brianna's girl Taylor Swift lol and Selena and the beautiful wink, get it? Mariah Carey. It rocked! So hard lol. That's what she said. Anyway, we also saw the President, our favorite man in the world, Obama, and we loved having our Mart, that's Martin to you lol, doing part of the voice over during the fireworks! My Bri made snacks for the group and we had a picnic like people who go to parks get to do. The fireworks still blew my mind away, I watched them. Even the big BIG finale that was so perfect to Empire State of Mind, that my Mom cried the whole thing lol. She's like, not all that great of a finale (to New York New York) although we do <3 New York of course - go Coney Island reopened already! And we were there for the Sinatra New York song and she's like, "not so amazing, Usher, wtf you guys," and then it switched to lady Bri's most favorite singer Alicia Keys and she went "OMG Apache you have to watch this with me!" and Bri and Harley hung back a bit - fireworks take years of getting used to you know, human or animal-otherwise xo! Then it blew me away! Such a great finale. Good Job Usher! It was so extra special since we had Harley's whole house up on the bed for the picnic party. We used to just bring his little carrier house out and he's never really comfortable in that. So now we have been doing this thing where he hangs out in his whole house for a few minutes after he gets his nighttime snack so we can see him eat and stuff. It's so different seeing him underground in his bedroom area, eating and drinking and stuff. We love it so very much. So we put his whole house on the bed this time, for the first time for a big tv event. And he stayed for snacks all together, Bri had a special party mix for him, and we made him drink water there with us. All the stuff we'd do at the actual in-the-park fireworks like Mom said we all would do if I could safely go downtown for them or to the Henrietta ones she likes even more.

Me and Brianna had cupcake-paper paper-plates lol, that's a wordfull. Anyway, and Mom scattered them around and we ate our snack mix right on the bed. And we all hung out and snacked and watched the singers. We love them all so much. They all looked so sweaty and hot and icky, thank god for our a/c and a nice wonderful bed to cuddle on. Just before the actual fireworks, Mom pulled it off by some miracle and got all of us settled in - see my picture up there! xo! And we watched the fireworks all together. Brianna Marie went up on the sitting shelf by the window and saw some from up there, stared right at them! And Harley came up, ran some for a second in his wheel - he does that when he comes up fun-like for a drink and then said, "I can see them right over your head" to me! I'm so lucky, I'm so in love with my gorgeous Bri and my cool guy Harley the Kid and my Mom is the greatest. We're so lucky to be American. God Bless the USofA! XO! Att*R

From July 27, 2011 this is my new song for you to listen to right here and download free if you wanna save it to your own iTunes playlist called "Apache's Lost Gem" lol it's Apache Is Love by me, from my journalling days, and my Mom sings it for you with some snazzy special effects thank you Garage Band xo!

The lyrics from the song up there sound like this,
Let me go away and you'll regret it
You'd be with me and we're in love
I live here(you) now and forever
Don't ever let me go

I didn't save that journal's life it ran out of here in the emergency room times lol. It got crazy so it said, I'm leaving so you can live here still all the rest of your days. Anyway, that's an inside comment, too personal to be spelled out any clearer. So Mom looked online to see what else was going on that month - am I sad, serene, wanting more of her than I can have xo, etcetera. It turns out it was when Layla first came visiting and also I had my
Birthday Bash with Apache, Harley, and Figs, and Mouse, and Maggie, and Ally, and my new girl Bri came too lol. It's complicated xo!

We did cosplay for the San Diego Comic Con. We did Superman, Batman, Thor, and Harley the Kid and I helped Brianna get her Wonder Woman action hero mood going for her photo shoot lol for #SDCC. I looked great as Superman. JK I am saving my Superman for another afternoon. But here's me being a Superfriend lol for Brianna, and then Harley up early in the middle of the night (his night, our daytime lol) to see his girl Bri in her costume xo!

I wrote to NASA today. To a scientist named Florence Tan, she is the SAM Electrical Lead Engineer. I wrote to NASA and they wrote back LOL. That is all. She wrote to me the same day. And so I made a web site about what she told me so that other kids my age could learn about it, like she suggested. I bet students will study the Rover this year, the one named Curiosity, and use our information that we now have on our very own page called The Mars Rover Called Curiosity! to do their homework. I hope so. I made it just for that reason xo!

Every day I mess up, like Tony did, and bring the threat to my own home, to my own relatives, to my own family, to my loves - that is a day I do the Wrong Thing xo! I love my home and I am sorry for being such a jerk this week. I know blogs are more interesting when they have photos, so here's one that my brother and mom and my sis-girl all really like,

Iron Man 3 movie night at the Stahlman's house. Um, I am speechless. Let's talk about it later. #bestnight #ever xo! lol

My mom was at the University of Rochester in New York when Lockerbie Pam Am Flight 103 occurred. It was a scary thing then, and she was young, naive to that type of attack in the world at large, and it was new to them all. She said, they were from Cold War type of attack, which was a daily fear of the end of the world, like in the Sarah Connor Chronicles, which we all watched to find out what her life was like. That's her type of thing. Well, not anymore. Since 9/11, she has taught me about the war out there. It's always way out there. Not too far away, since I am an American, and I am also from New York, where it was damaging to the mentality far beyond what people can really understand. I watch CSI and in the CSI NY cast, it's always about overcoming it first, then being okay, every day. Everybody is about to break, then they get up anyway, and that's New York State as a whole, too. She was in California and heard about it from her friend Alex. She said, in my mind, "they blew up New York" and that's how she often describes it. She had flashbacks and a hard time getting through it. A lot of New Yorkers struggle with the idea they had this happen. I still think about it all the time. And I wasn't born yet. We watch the show every year and pray for the departed. It's sad. One woman - in the plane they crashed to save the White House, right - had an unborn baby and when they ring the bell for her, she gets a second ring and I can't even conceptualize what that means to the world. I'm young.

Today, Mom was reading the UofR Alumni magazine, The Rochester Review, and it has an article about two young people who died in Lockerbie in the Pan Am Flight 103 attack. And they are both from the University of Rochester where Mom attended. They have photos of them, and had a ceremony during the Meliora Weekend, and have a plaque for them, and had the parents of one of the victims of the attack attend. Here's the pictures from the article, the full article is online at the UofR's Rochester Review website. The man is Eric Coker, the woman is a young Katharine Hollister. It scares Mom because she was that young at the UofR when she just started. She was young with an open future, happy, and un-hurt. She took some bad risks to be okay, and ended up with an abusive ex-alum from the UofR and now is paralyzed in one leg. It makes me realize how lucky I am that the world is safe for her now, and that she made it out alive lol. Not all young people grow to be as happy, healthy, and strong as she is now. I love her. Here are the photos of Eric and Katharine from the UofR article, and their memorial from this past Meliora Weekend, too. xo! Love you, from Apache Stahlman

Without her, we wouldn't have a single thing in this whole world worth celebrating! Love Apache T. and her other guy, who is letting me take these pictures for my writings page - his name is Harley!

I love my Mom, sister, and brother so much. The Astrals are real. My life is really good. I can't handle the good some days but I want it so much! I love my girl, Bri, for taking the time to tell me today that happy is the real thing, and that the past is way too far in the background to go looking for sad! I love you Bri!

Me and the stick toy from Celia. People started playing with us this Christmas, a few but it's a start. And hanging out with us. Not just here for other people in the main room, but just saying it's time for A, B, and H to get time alone with us. And it helped me feel proud, happy, and strong this year!

We had such an amazing day today! Today I got to see my bro H. do his eye drops. He called me in and said, "watch what I can do!" and it made it fun for him, and he must know how much I love him because now I'm bragging about it online! xo!

Today we also had my girl Bri put her first Doc McStuffins blanket pic up on the net, and it was a huge hit, because it said under it that she now sleeps in the dark. Now that sounds normal to you and me, but she's a rescue and long story short, she can't take dark. Too much bad happened in it. But now, she feels safe and we all sleep together all night and into the next day! And it's happy here!

Time to play with Mom on the porch! Snowpaws! Forever! xo!

Awww! My bro just called me Apache T. Snowpaws! <3 Love you Harley the Kid!

My bae, my Bri! And her Earth 2 New 52 Wonder Woman DC Collectibles action figure! xo!

Look! My first retweet from the actor of the new show KC Undercover on the Disney Channel! xo!

I was so happy for the TMNT movie StaycationRedux and we had a great night all together. We got all happy and close. I've been in *a mood* this past year. Idk why. Something to do with losing things, people, and I'm getting back to my old self again!

Then we did some Turtle StaycationRedux photos with our whole gang of our action figures from the Summer (minus one Funko Pop! April O'Neil that was just too big to fit in the family portrait lol).

Today was the biggest flakes of snow I've ever seen in my whole entire life! We went on the porch to check it out. My Bri was first to get her harness on! So she blazed the trail out there, and had it figured out - where the best flakes viewing was (on the side by the carports). Here's me and Mom, just woke!

Then me and Bri watched it from the shelf by the window. LOVED IT!

And after all this, we watched The Walking Dead, Talking Dead!

Harley was so *on* during the quiz that he had answers that matched the choice up there before we even checked for the choices! lol. He won our hearts with his quick wit and his meticulous watching even with us sad that our Tyreese had passed on in it! And then the Grammy's, too! Here's Brianna after Beyonce won for Drunk In Love. I'ma gonna need my surfboard Lol!

It was the darkest night ever known to us! It was freezing, and we had an Agent Carter marathon to watch. We were happy, cold, and fun.

My Mom's a psychic shaman type. So when we heard that our guy Leonard Nimoy just passed away from Earth's flesh life here, we talked to him in his spirit form, or astral body as we call it here. You don't really die, you just change into an all-astral spirit, no flesh to work with anymore. We get lucky since we can get to know the spirit after they leave the flesh. He was so nice to me, and Mom, and all of us talked to him. Apache T I said my name was and he talked to me again after about what my name was so he really took time to listen. It got weird since we are all in one room and we started to get nervous, so we took a break to tweet about him - he said tweet this, and we did for him. We said (as he wrote it) #LeonardNimoy loved his whole family, including all of you out there listening to his heart sing since he is in the heavens and can hear it! It was fun, he even had a longer thing and had to edit it down to the regular tweet length lol!

We had this amazing night. The house was empty except us, all the stress was over for now, we had a break. It was freezing - like 5 degrees - and really really cold with the wind chill. Mom saw the most awesome thing in the snow out there, and she got me wrapped in about 3 of the warmest blankets. Only my nose was sticking out! And we went out and from the porch I had to look at it. I was so nervous and I started to look but got too cold for a second, and I was like omg mom my nose is so effing freezing. I'm like I'm effing f-f-ffreezing like Mom says when she's laughing about being out in the cold, and it's really cold here this year - the coldest February on record here in the ROC!

Then my Bri took her chance to see it, too. I told her No Way are you going out in that cold. It was that damn cold! So she had to go look in secret out of the grandparent's room window, that looked right at it straight on. She checked the windows, like I told her, and reported to me that she saw it just like I described it!

Then we saw the Mockingly Part 1 finally! It was close, we kept trying to sabotage our night, but we made it; and when the Katniss sings The Hanging Tree was on, my little girl, my Bri, was sitting on Mom's lap over by the tv and she sang it with gorgeous meow voice and with her telepathic voice, and it was about the cutest thing I've ever heard! I heart!

It was the best darn night we've had in a long time!

Today we had the house all to ourselves, and we rested and created magic good wishes for ourselves by saying we were going to get help from our spirit guide, Sacagawea (I know, we have the coolest spirit family out there!), and we wanted to make ourselves healthy. So we went towards healthy. And like Mom said happened when they got the Valentine's rugs by chance because she went for a healthy choice, we got a good lot of fun today because we tried to just stay blue and keep talking nice, and staying on the healthy side of things. Usually, we - me and Bri - say things are bad by yelling about non-related things. It confuses the issue. If we're sad about anything Bri related (she really got abused in the past before she rescued us, and has anxiety from it, it ripples out, it's not her fault and it's not Mom's either, so fighting with her won't fix it!) Staying sad about that but loving our day is the best cure! So we did it! Our bills worked out great - in fact, we got a refund on one we thought we were getting double-billed for lol - and we got lots of fun stuff other than that, too. The timeline was shifty and either we created good stuff for ourselves, like I said there, or we had great spirit wishing help for us!

I was laying on the bench by the open air window, and Mom said Bri is now laying on the 'blanket stack' which is a hilarious thing to see lol. Then we went into the bathroom to see the heater and Mom had to go in there to use it, so we had to shut the door behind her, so Brianna Marie wouldn't ditch us in there lol. We hung out and Bri hates the shut door, so we played a game. Mom calls it 'imaginary play' and says it's a hallmark of a sentient being. We know this from when she was at the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute with the chimps who use ASL to talk to themselves, other chimps, and their human friends, caregivers, and family there. She did a research project on them, watching video taken of them playing by themselves, and there were all the signs of imaginary play seen in the chimps, and I think it was Piaget's six or seven things they looked for. Idk, I'd have to ask her to look it up, it was a while ago. But after that, I got back to my own thing, and said that we went in there for the heater, but we had a great Winter moment. For some reason, the best play comes in the Winter. Maybe Mom's not hot so she can play more, for real lol. We had to keep busy until she was done on the toilet, so she said, we're hiding in here, why Apache? And I said, we're hiding from the bird (the old bird, from our old play game that Mom and I had that one time in the Winter long ago, with the wolves movies - too long of a story for right now). I said it was from a bird. She said, what kind? I said a crow. So then, Bri was antsy and sticking her arm under the door and nervous and Mom said to her, to keep her in the game, look under and see if you can see the bird still out there walking around. And she got into the game! And said it was all-clear! lol so we went out one at a time and scoped it out. It was the best of the old 'look for intruders' time-loop we've been stuck in, which used to be a bad cycle of stuff, but is now for this time and the last time, just us having a fun time! We made it that way, but wanting good for us! Hoping we get good, and asking for it, and arguing until we're okay again finally. I know we just brought up another long story, but I'm so busy today, I can't tell that one either. More on cycles of unfinished changes coming up in another blog! lol xo!

The study on play in the chimps at CWU was Jensvold, M.L.A., & Fouts, R.S. (1993). Imaginary play in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes). Human Evolution, 8, 217-227. Mom just did some data collection on the same topic from the videos while she worked there that one Summer 1996.

This just in! From our offshore correspondent:
Live from the island prison where Gotham's own Fish is being held prisoner, Mom bust a gut laughing so hard and so very very long when I, Harley the Kid, said that she had been trying to remember that our very own Director Doctor Doodlebug (healing aid) was named Doctor-Director after the Director/Doctor who was the head of Arkham Prison in the Gotham show this year, a few months ago. Then she said, all the past few weeks, who the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks is the Doctor/Director that we named him after. Thinking this to herself again for the third thousandth time, I said out of nowhere, 'the guy from Arkham.' And for some reason she lost it totally and laughed and couldn't stop. There she goes again. It's not that funny, is it? Yah, it is. We rock. Over and out. Back to you, Apache T. And now, back to Apache T, it went like this, heart rug out, new shamrock rugs in!

Find me in the one with Bri on the new heart-shaped Shamrock rug! lol

I am The Batman! We got toys for the Astrals' Outing night. I took a Batman, and sent my Four back to the store! I wanted the new DC 12 inch they had at Target instead. It's the old gray uniform but with the built in armor look of the newer guys from the movies I like! We tested our factions from Divergent, and I got called a Dauntless. Of course!

My guy Robert Downey Jr, aka Iron Man of course, is now my hero in his regular life, too. He talked about how he wanted an MTV award since him and my mom were both little kids. It took him ages. In fact, he first tanked. Mom said he had a time when he was on too many drugs and kind of lost his footing. I've done that lately. Now I come here to say, I feel good. I'm the new 'Gentleman Jedi' version of myself now. I don't want to stay stuck in one emotional state of mind. I've had a bunch of failings lately, and other people have been hurting me, too. I lost some friends, including the guy I thought would be my new dad one day. He dumped me, that's how it felt. And now I know it's not me that's the problem, and I want to shine again! I saw him enter the stage in white sneakers and dance some. And then he jumped to the lower stage and said hi to all his other Avengers there on stage. Now he's getting his award, and then he showed us a special clip of the Hulk versus his Hulkbuster! I need to be my own version of the Hulkbuster to keep myself in line lol. I want to say thanks to Robert for giving me a chance to shine again, too, because I got up from a sad mood to see him and love it so much that I can't stop saying enough about it now!

We had the most amazing few days with the Ultron premiere at Eastview and Mom and the Astrals loved it. Handicapped seating is now VIP there! lol And Mom came home so happy, thrilled really, to the core, see her happy smile. Post-show-glow she calls it! I got my very own Iron Legion with the blue A for the Avengers. Harley the Kid says I am the cutest in the whole world, and another of my brothers Reggie, wrote that little blurb up top of the photos. I love you all! xoxo! Love from Apache the Avenger!

It's Iron Legion #2 by Apache and his bro!

It's me, Apache T!

Riker was so great during the Freestyle that I had to get a screen image of it and show you. Mom said she got shivers. I'm a cat, so I started dancing on the bed, ran around, and jumped up and down like he did! This is in his white suit. It was a retro old-fashioned like Gene Kelly type of dance at first, then it would speed up and get all rock and hip-hop like it was all modern, it kept going back and forth so fast you couldn't tell it was a Dancing With the Stars show, it felt like a really cool Riker and R5 video lol. We like Allison Holker a lot. We thought they should win. We voted as many times as we could - we even borrowed phones from people to vote LOL. Now go look at all the pictures we took of just this part of the Season 10 - we all wanted them up, so I put them on one page and we all wrote stuff under them. Love you, from Apache!
Riker and Allison From the Finale

To rest, lately we've been watching Lifetime Movies over on Netflix - they have a lot of them, you just have to search for movies and then go to TV-PG or TV-PG14! Today we are going to watch one with the sister of Laura Marano, she's the one we knew from Without A Trace. It's about a sex scandal at a kids school. I know it sounds raunchy, but at least the Lifetime ones are pretty girl-friendly, so it's not all sexist or bad language or anything that makes Mom and the ladies feel weird to watch! That's the most important thing these days about TV in this house. There's too much anti-lady stuff in this house with all the bad emails from the old ex-boyfriend and stuff like that. So we want all the girls to be happy with themselves!

We had one great one with James Van Der Beek, who we love from his new show CSI: Cyber. When we see him, we holler out Van Der Beek! lol and we have his facebook post from Memorial Day to show you right now :)

Today we let Bri do my iTunes card and Harley's too, along with her own, and she put them in on the computer with the Redeem With the Camera option. She hollered and spun around to see it, and loved doing it. Quite the adventure for Mom and my lady!

We thought we were buying Season 10 of Bones with our iTunes money from our Easter baskets, but instead the computer pushed us onto the one Lifetime Movie with the Marano girl in it, that we had lined up for next. So we are going to take direction from our iMac and watch that instead :)

This morning, Brianna came up on the bed with my Mom. She sat in my spot - well almost, just next to it, on Mom's lap. She got hugs first, to feel okay being up there. It's a new spot for her. She's waited all this time to get up there with us for breakfast. So then, I came out and started over, but I'm all shy this week. Too much pushing past anxiety makes me a huge, confused nerd lol. Seriously, I was hanging back. Mom had her food on the plate and she had a still-wrapped string cheese. She picked it up and waved it in front of my eyes so I'd see it. Bri says, so cute, is that going to make him come up here? He can't even smell it. Mom says, yes. LOL. And I did, right away after that! I'm a huge grub beggar always wanting her food these days, like Maggie and my other sister before that Ally. I ate an entire chip the other day, one big bite. I loved it! lol. So then we both sat on her lap. The way I do. And we watched some of the kids from Jessie's new show called Bunk'd on the Disney Channel. I love it, it's a good one! And then we both got some peanut butter from the middle of the bagel she had called a Lite Bites because it's only about half as thick as a regular bagel. And then we got up and cleaned our faces and went to bed in the Our Room closet.

The day before, we pushed it another time! We had two things to see during an ep of Dog With A Blog that we still have saved because it was so special. We saw the trailer of the Fantastic 4, and I wanted to see The Thing. I kept saying I liked The Human Torch the most, because Harley the Kid came home saying he liked him the most! But it seems like I just wanted to see The Thing so I think he's my favorite so far (without seeing the whole thing yet)! And then I watched the video from the Descendants for the song Rotten to the Core. It has all the four main kids singing, and then they run through a little town and kick at the laundry and stuff, real mean! They get in a line and dance like Thriller at the end of it, so Mom says it's like one of our Monstober videos, and we're going to put it in the Monster Mash playlist we use for all of Monstober! I loved it. I hollered. I laughed! It was so much fun! And then later. my girl Bri got out there to see them both and she watched and she screamed and yelled that she wanted a Mal costume, and screamed I'm Brianna and yelled I Am at the top of her lungs, crying out in herself. It was a day I'll never forget!

Mom said, this nose is bent from the box getting crushed. I said, so what? And she said - and I LOL'd - it looks like a penis now! xoxo! ps. This is an Olaf costume for cats and dogs, from PetSmart, and is now the initial inductee in my Hall of Rejects of 2015 Halloween! :)

It's Apache and his whole family into the new VMAs - that's right, I say the new VMAs because they were all Jonas, all night! As Figs said, Nick's wanting Bacon right now, lol, not Cheese because it Smells Like Feet! LOL Anyway, we had a great time! I got so sick from excitement that I actually thought I had to throw-up, and I tried but nothing came out of me! We have some fun stuff from that night. It was also the Fear The Walking Dead and Talking Dead night. We did not have to watch that Live though, because Chris Hardwick was on his honeymoon in Japan, so we didn't have to be online for the quizzes that my bro Harley the Kid does. So we watched the VMAs live, and here's me when Joe and his DNCE group won their Best New Artist MoonMan that we voted for over and over with the #DNCE and they won it! It was fun! And I was watching him get it and Mom was sitting right behind me and got my picture of me watching him give his acceptance speech in his sweater that had two big cats, on each sleeve, and he'd move them like they were dancing on him!

The whole night during the show, my girl Bri was taking Snapchats of it and put it together as an award show report for you to enjoy! And here it is, from
our G6 Group Youtube where it's living right now!

It's Apache and I'm still alive LOL! We've had a few hard months and I feel like I'm coming out of all the hububb and holleroo that went on the past few years. I'm ready to rock!! This video is part of my new life of coming out of my shell. Since Reggie passed into the Astral field of life, he's been my guide to getting off my ass and doing something more. This video is my attempt to show him that I remember his stairs video! It was a great one, a classic! And so now is mine! It's written by Mom, directed by her, and acted by me!

Apache looks at his gorgeous girl Bri, way prettier than Gamora, and he tails on by her (in pic 2) and then lays down to snuggle and watch the great film by James Gunn, GOTGVol2, and it was great!!

martin luther king, the second

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