Club Astral presents: Thanksgiving 2015

The Force Awakens
Brianna In Snowflakes and Princesses
The Love
BB-8 Is So So Great!

Monstober of Fun!
Mommy Fox Ears
On The Bed
Two Kittens Two Pumpkins!
Scare Squad!
Are you Combat Carl?

Mommy's Caramel *Figs' Apple*
Monstober 2015
by Harley the Ghost, Apple Picker
and the Scare Squad!

Enter August
Bunk'd Breakfast Candy
No Ring No Problem

Hot July!
Sabine Mouse Pad Sabrina Hot Pursuit
My Son Apaches the Peaches!
Turin Trouble

Jurassic June
After the Birthdays: Fear the Walking Dead
Bri Introduces: Ahsoka Tano, Jedi Knight
Smoothies on Lothal
Snack Bar Crackers :)

As May Becomes June...!
AquaGirl! Water Physical Therapy Begins!

The Woods and the Water
Better Than Botox (Demise of the Crows Feet)

Beam Blaster Beaming Smile
Grilled Cheese Nights

Easter Eve 2015
Welcome to!
Paches Cottontail, Bunny Trailblazer
Easter in Our Baskets!

Cousins and Nieces!
Celia's Viola Poise!
Celia's Rugby Pose!

Living the GreenIsGood-Life!

Crane Knows lol

The Streets of Alexandria in March 2015!
Gutting 'Possum On the Porch lol
Reggie on Talking Dead Alexandria Night1
The Green Room: Apache and Bri Waiting for Redfoo on DWTS
Tris Prior and Brianna Stahlman
No A/C at Amity!!
I'm The Batman, by Apache T.
Join the Bunny Art Table Revolution!
Did You See the Yellow Tail?

Moxie + Katniss Sing Hanging Tree With Snow Up to the Windows!

February2015 Chillin'
Turtle StaycationRedux by AstralKid!
Heroes In a Half-Shell!
Bri and Apache SnowHunting!
Harley On the Talking Dead 02.08.2015
Mom's Grammy#1: RiRi's Back for FourFiveSeconds
Grammy#2: Happy Apache Loving Pharrel's Yellow Show!
Automat Smile

January Wonder!
Bri Snuggles In Her Own Bed
Apache Heals Up Like the Wolverine!
Three Selfies and a Wedding Anniversary
Apache Runs the Bed Topper Project Like a Pro :)
Me and Bri One | Two | Three
DeDe's Moon Song, for Celia
Super Duper Day!

Having a JingleBall! 2014
Balldrop Taylor!
We Heart Rudy

It's #RocketMonday Oh, Yeah!
Sabine, the #Selfie
Apache, Jedi Lead #Selfie
Rocket's Record!

Chris Hardwick on Talking Dead #RipBeth Night
The Poll Says: Morgan dit *sob NotBeth!

Monstober 2014!!
Brinny Photobombs The Devil Apaches T!

I Want My MTV!
WE ARE! on MTV Artists!
VMA Throwdown!

Easter Eggstravaganza! 2014 Kisses
Easter Hoodie Hunk!
Pretty Spring Dress Bri on Easter
Our Walking-Dead-Easter-Bucket-Basket

2014 Love Vortex!
Harley's Magical Smile Fx
Eye Love My Harley the Kid
Hi Five Harley
Mart Makes Us All Smile
Getting Figgy with It
Hearts & Harley
Meet the Black Widow!
Mom and Her Bri! xo!

My 2014 Loves!

It's December!
The Rudolph Day of Hearts and Happy Home
New Scratcher Chair Teeth Trim Decorations Getting Day
SmartyKat Holler! Boo Yah!
Ariana Grande Smith Apple Night
Apache on Top of a Soft Kitty Warm Kitty Lol
New Scratcher Boogie by Brianna Marie!
We Lit White-Reindeer Rudolph and It Was Wonderful!

Celia goes all two-three on us!
Bri puts the Star on the Tree in her Red Party Dress
Harley Tries Cooked Green Beans and Carrots! and Grabs a Drink on the Go!
Snooze More and Be Ready for Santa!
Harley Makes Headlines With His Smile! xo! :)

Turkeybird Dance Mix!
Thanksgiving Month: Pics and a Party Song
Loving Life Undercover LoL

Halloween A-Z
Did Somebody Say Monstober?!
Pumpkin Balloons for All!
Captain America, by H.
Mom=Found lol
Rug by Target; the Smile is All Bri xo!

The Jack-O-Lantern of 2013!
Pumpkin Inspecting Team!
Bri's Leaf Finding Adventure xo!
The Astrals + Mom Went Scaring People
She Did It, It Scared Her, But It Was Fun!
My New, Bootiful Porch Bat xo!

Eating Some! Starring Bri lol


Pumpkin Month Week 1a-4o xo!
My Brother Tells Me He Loves Us All!
New Nike Bag With Odd New Features
Annual Caramel Apple Smile!
I left my feet in San Francisco
Heroes by H. ~ his Spiderman Creation!
Making Pumpkin Lemonade!
Happy Fall Feet <3

Boo! And then this happened!
Jedi Fun, pt.1
Feet of a Jedi
Graveyards and Starfighters, pt.2
Apache Crane!
Leia Marie xo!

The Pumpkins Before Pumpkin Month
Double Vision Harvest Moon
Pose by Apache T. aka Selfie #1
Marvel-ous Night!

Heatwave Honey
Love, Brianna Marie & Her Monkeys LOL
Day of Wild Mayhem!
Until Roar xo!

Spring Day 2013 Just Chilling Lol woohoo!<3
Treat Mom Like a Pot o'Gold Day
Green Is Good #1 - Jaws 5, The Trailer LOL
From Jess = Cel's Geneseo Symphony Orchestra
April Tremors Month lol
Real Live New Scratcher Day!

Xmas Flowers Bring May Powers lol
(art by Layla made for Harley the Kid!)

Hugley's Official ValDay Balloon Album xo!
Mom's Happy ValDay

The Return of Autumn 2012 <3
Bailey + Layla Acting Like Autumn
Meet Melinda :)
Pumpkin Month Preview
Count Pachula & the Pumpkin Kid xo!
Mommy Gets the Sweetest Card!

Blanket Day & Blanket Play!
Yoda Back Got Baby :)
~more soon

Reggie (and Everybody Else's) New Memorial Name Brick :)
Yellow + Red Nearby
Team Kitten Chaos, All Our Love!
Left Turn, Right Away <3
Bicentennial Garden Chair Party

Love Bricks At 4H Camp, Lake Tahoe
Ally, Maggie, and Mousey <3

Pumpkin Month 11!
Puzzle Excitement! + Puzzle Giddy Boy!
Brother Wind Ribbon Game ~ Apache!
Brother Wind Brother Bear

Late-September Luv!
Gunnar Munchkin My Pink Chair Woohoo!
Star Wars Puzzle, Coming Soon
Pumpkin Plate Fun
Layla Cuddles

Early-Autumn Blessings
Porch <3
Powers Market Loot
SciFi Fires
Pick of the Crop!
Before-Pumpkin-Month Mat :)
Family: 3 Kids and Mom
Two Peas on a Pumpkin
Fall Party 011
The Kid's 1st Pumpkin Rug

Artwork Archiving
My Gal Sabrina
Easter Adoration
Cold Faces, Air Conditioned Spaces :)
Maggie Picture Perfect
Ally My Cat's Playground

Adopted! Our Harley the Kid
Shy Start
Meet Your Travel-house
"Having Fun With My Brother, Finally!"
Safe, Slow, & Super Happy!!

Party Favor Party!
Favors Arrive!
Layla Love: A Party
Kitten Cousins
Waiting to Meet Her

"New Camera Day"
Paches Cleans His Tail So Cutely
Watching Hardy Boys
Reggie Doubles-Up!

Let's Go!
New Calendar Day

Christmas 2010
Mr. Christmas
Figgy Pudding
Frosty Christmas Card

Keeping Warm ~ Winter '10

(It Had to be Snakes!)

The Rochester Horses
~Fyle's News Horse 13

Our Little Fyle Filly
News Horse 13
See All of the Rochester Horses on Parade

Celia's Summer House
Elf-playhouse Closets
Asked Me to Take Its Picture!
'gonna make her happy home.

Tour the Graveyard
Angel Art

Family Play Day: 2005's First Snowfall
oh what a day that was!

My Scrapbook of Apprenticeship at CHCI
is now digital!

check out Friends of Washoe

Celia Goes to Vermont
van, packed
essentials, packed

River of Dreams...
Jessie dances the Sun Stage

Dr. Soto
Cel's "french movie"

Jessie's Cheer Competitions
Winter Blast
@ Blue Cross Arena

jessie & reggie
Mom's Day with TKC
Props by Castle Morgana

memorial day parade
Memorial Day Parade
i love a parade!
thousands of spectators

soccer shot

a winning pose


G crashes Girls' Day Out

sandy gas pump
*earth day o-seven*
the truth
...and then some
*more ED07 pics*

To summarize: I'm living in The Comfort Zone

sandy, busy!

so many photos so little time

woman at protest

(home 2 merovence)

Surf Mac