The Bunny Hutch
The Stahlmans and you!
In ears
Like rabbits and the Easter Bunny himself
It's Apache T Cottontail
The rabbit inside him is loose!

Paches Cottontail is on the Bunny Trail
And heading to your house
Bam! What!

This is The Bunny Hutch from Easter 2015!

Bri holding Apache's new Flash
action figure, before he even did!

The Flash in his new blanket from Grama and Grampa!

I love it!
She screams,
I did it!
I'm coloring eggs!
I did it!
It's Easter. I love it!

Hulk, Thor, and Mom are happy it's time for The Avengers Age of Ultron cereal in Wegmans now!

Relaxing on a lucky clover rug!

The HTK Implementation explained!

Basket toy makes Bri so happy!

Apache says, It's just perfect, Harley the Kid!
Harley's The Constables, Rick and Michonne #Alexandria
Ankle holster, lol :) by Harley the Kid, an Astral Roadshow Production!

Going in for more fun, even in June! It's my Bri!
Love Harley the Kid! xo!

Apache T. is the greatest cat in town! xo!
Love HTK! xo!

The green Easter tissue that Apache asked Harley the Kid to get him at Walmart this year!
He loves it! It's in the new form of the jumping bin.
It's a laying-in bin of the same size! :), xo! lol Love Harley the Kid!

The Blooper Reel!

Teamwork always wins us something Easter-like!

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