Mindfulness of The Rosary

This exercise can be useful in several ways. It contributes to the beloved divine feminine, in that it was inspired by Mary, herself. And it provides a useful tool for calming, clearing the mind, centering yourself, grounding to the divine within you, and loving life in general.

In specific uses: holding the beads touches Mary and Jesus, the divine within you, earth material, grounding you, focusing you on something touchable and solid, pulls you away from fright, fear, lost sense of self. In a panic attack, or other frightening times for you, as an example of one use for this meditative exercise, using the rosary focuses your attention on touching and holding an object - this forces your awareness down-to-earth, grounding you. It calms anxiety just by holding and moving your fingers around the object. Like a worry stone, it drains the anxiety from you and pulls your attention from the fit-storm of thoughts, worries, and anxiety. Literally.

The Rosary prayer sequence is hard to retain if you are not trained in it or do it often to remember the rhythm. I advocate the Rosary, chanted together in a group for example, it is a highly attuned practice, targeting the divine within each user and sending a highly complex target for Mary or Jesus to respond to. It generates a loving energy that cannot be surpassed, if you are open to those spiritual divinities.

However, not everybody loves Mary and Jesus as their spiritual guides. I offer an alternative use of the Rosary beads you carry with you...

In times of trouble and worry, take out the beads and do 1 or 2 Mindful Breaths for each be on the strand. This amount of mindfulness breathing exercise can reduce anxiety on-the-spot. Done weekly, or better yet, on an everyday schedule as a practice in mindfulness awareness of the breath, it accentuates your love of the divine and prepares your body for the stresses of everyday life. Science can attest to the corrective power of mindful breathing on the level of stress, well-being, curing panic attack issues, hypertension, mood disorders, etcetera. It's a fantastic weapon against the maladies of the modern world. Pause for a bit, take out your Rosary beads, and let's try it together now.

May peace be with you,

Sandra Stahlman


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