He's Mutty, "the Mouse"

the cutest feet

secret agents


runway rodent

traveling hamstrel


ramped up

it's just me, mouse

the hamster game

meet mouse, oldest hamster ever!


funhouse mirror ganesh's sidekick
his old digs Mutt Attack!

the nose knose
skin crawl
helping elf xmas 06

(Mr. Mouse = dwarf-hamster)

My Mouse, I love you.

~ CheeseWheels ~

Nocturnal Life

On the Run

hot diggity dug

blooper cheese reel

corner mitts

tabu behavior

bewitched audition

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mutt's sibs

dwarf hamster care at netvet

The Mousey Trilogy!

Mutt's Salad

Mutt's Salad #2

Mutt's Salad #3

Hi, it's Muttster. I am an astral bodied being now. I still love Halloween.
See, it's Monstober now here...!

It's Robert the Vampire, eek!! lol

Avery, you're silly too! :)
xo! Love you, from the Muttster!*

Tree Day of 2014!
It's the day we put up the tree, and Bri is the pretty angel sitting underneath it now! :)

Then we made a paper tree to put in H's area for his little Lego Minifigures, they rock!

Apache T. made it with Mom and we all set it in there in the same style of reverent love as when Apache carried in the big cat-safe tree we all love and see everyday, too! Astrals LOVE the tree!

We made Christmas cookies this year with Harley, his Astral Staff lol, and Mom, Apache, and Brianna Marie, too! xo!

We made it!
It's my Maggie's sisters Ally and the new girl Bri!

Abnegation, by Mutty!

That's my mom, and she's very happy with me!

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