Holidays and Pets!

The current animal communication and intelligence research shows that animals of all species recognize the changing seasons. And, animals that live with humans can relate these seasonal cues to holiday parties and rituals (like the Christmas Tree goes up after it starts snowing), just like all of us do. Enrichment is an academic term for keeping your pets interested in homelife. Especially indoor-only animals that need new experiences to keep them growing mentally, emotionally, and physically fit. Current animal emotion research shows that pets bond very deeply with their human families. You are their family. They are adopted in as your children, your brothers, your sisters, your cousins, etcetera. You are their only family. And like all members of a family, they adore the ritual of the seasons changing, and the holidays that go along with them. And, like young babies that at first do not really understand what is happening with holidays, after a few years of being immersed into the festivities, they anticipate the same things that us humans do. None of us learn holiday traditions immediately, it takes a few years of having the same thing happen to really engrain us with the things that go on. Take my kitten, Apache, as an example. The first year I had him hang out with me while I carved a pumpkin, then watch me light the jack o'lantern, he was interested in the newness of it. By the third year of doing this, he sits waiting each night the pumpkins are out to have them lit, happy as can be. Excited as can be, leaps and bounds of happy, when I bring the pumpkins home. We have a whole "pumpkin carving" routine now. Um, well yes, cats do not have hands, so you do have to adapt your rituals to meet their abilities. But, it's simple, and the pleasure of sharing the holiday with your pets will increase the joy in your house that much more!

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