a growing collection of figlet fun.

tunnelaction 1

tunnelaction 2

just shy

my little guy


"movie chair day with my brother apaches rocked!"

learned my new bottle, no problem!

just call me figgy clawtrim!
(4.4.11 we did great!)

Take a look at my band G6 Group

i love the whole world. my family was the best thing i could ever dream of.
i couldn't live anymore, but i was happy until the very last minute of my life.
~ figsy stahlman

totally listen to one for figs #2

my brothers
still a family
never left
transform together!

By Figsy himself, a feature filmlette called "My Movie for My Family"

My first ever tweet. I'm astral now and proud of it! xo!

Green Is Good!
Monstober Is Here!
Figsy Is Happy!

Mitten-wearing Apache runs the decorations night party!
It's Tree Day 2014

Bri Bri looking at one of our Frozen Christmas Sugar cookies!
2014! I love her!

Apache loves Olaf and his Frozen Cookie, too!

We love you, Mom!
From your whole gang of astrals and flesh-kids, too!

It's my statue of Bri and my girl Al!
By Figgy Stahlman and Mom and the other Astrals, too!

I got placed in the Amity Faction with only my Mom! lol

Mom loves me!

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