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Billie Joe Armstrong with Green Day at the VMA MTV Awards 2012

Billie Joe thanks for performing even though you felt sick that day! We love you, from The G6 Group to you :)

Butt Wait! There's more where that came from. Apache that's me :( too much leg fur got my a-hole brother kidding me until I went and got my shaver out of the end table (aka Al's table) and got my fur shaved like I used to. Worked like a magic charm! Now it's slick like a buzz-cut and I won't have anymore litter box problems. End public service message about "Helping the Domestic Long-Hair Cat Stay Clean In the Litter Area." Amen to that! xo, Apache the Kid With Short Leg-Hair Now :)

Trimming the leg fur of a long-haired cat to prevent litter box messes :)

Kristen Stewart's Snow White and the Huntsman

I Love Snow White!

LOL I mean 8 feet split over two different pumpkin rugs. No footage was filmed or shot, but I had two feet on rug one, two feet on rug two, and harley had four sexy-and-he-knows-it feet on my back. Two boys spanning two rugs all at once. The pumpkin rug in this photo is a display. Two of those, two of us, two days worth of sweet peppers. Too much love to explain right now. The end (for tonite). xo! Apache the Boy from Home :)

Iron Man, I love you. Autumn, so far so great. And here we are, enjoying Jerry Garcia Band's Live at Shoreline from Netflix. Mom's so happy the weather's good. Wegman's has pumpkins around the street trees. Bri tried the porch before Mom could even get awake all the way lol harness went on and the wind gave her a good game of "what do we hear out here," our new balcony game. Amen to that! Peace, and Happy Fall :)

Rock On, Cricket the Nick from New Girl aka schizo-freakout-psycho-babble. The end :)

Like a G6! Alcohol ft. Sky Blu of LMFAO with the Cataracs of the G6 name LOL! I love it!
ATT*R xo :)

BriBri, Harley, Mom, and Me
Sang Redfoo all day long LOL. Love the new song, Foo! xo!

Easter is coming! Break out the chick in a box!
Oops, he's a dude lol jk bro :)

Me and my love (with Harley up in bed,
and Mom with camera-phone) xo!

Mom & Me on Mom's Day 2013, we love each other!

Agents of SHIELD! Agent Coulson #CoulsonLives xo!

And Skye xo!

We did it! Harley on my back alone (no Mom hands) for a pic! xo!

Brianna sneaks in for a preview of my soft-opened Wall of Heroes xo!

Then I played host and opened it with rave reviews by Harley who visited at bedtime xo!

Then I got Star Trek fabric for under them from H's fabric stash...
It's mine! lol All mine xo!

Then I was happy :)
And we can finish our Shelf of Love re-arrangement of 2013 lol xo! att*R! :)

Ryan & Macklemore, will you please stand up for "No Fur" because we need the help, too! xo!

I still got it!

I sat next to my Mike W. and sang meow noises into it, then turned on the Scare Fx and made a scary new tune. It's under my solo label, lol, nahh it's all G6 but we still have to get a sample from everybody, then we'll make one big scary G6 Group Scaretrack. Until then, here's mine. xo!

Me and Mom have sad eyes, they hurt.
But we are happy together, getting better today!

Sleeping on the floor bed it's Brianna with the Olaf-Anna-Elsa blanket stack! It's about time she feels safe here. Those people before that hurt her... GONE! No more, she's mine!!! XO! Harley opened his Olaf blanket early just for her so she'd feel extra cozy :)

It's Halloween Monstober 2014, and I got a cold! lol So I'm lazy. And dragging through stuff :( So Harley said, "we don't have to do the poses yet, just take the pillow out and enjoy it on the bed!" So we did. And it was great!! xo!

We did our first try-on of our costumes together. Here is a sneak preview. Don't tell anybody what we are going as! xo!

The Great Pumpkin Lighting Ceremony of October-Monstober 2014!

I was so scared this year.
So Harley took care of me!

We lit it inside - Harley did first. He is the Master of the Pumpkin Lighting Ceremony always, so he got up in the day and lit it! The story is in the video!

After that, he had me light it a second time, so I got to do it, too! I got over being scared and it was so much fun! He's great at it, and so was I the second time lol. After that, he had me blow it out. Normally, I don't light it inside; I take it to the porch and light it out there. That's my usual job. But Bri was like, scared, like it was a living monster or something lol so we did it this way. Harley had me light it inside after him, then I blew it out. Then he had Mom take it to the porch for Bri to light out there. And she did! She screamed like it was a horror movie, then lit it out there, and loved it! And ran around happy after like she'd slain a haunted monster or something. It was great. Then the sun set and we wrote this for you! xo!

Today, by magic lol, I found us the version of Shake It Up that Mom's been looking for all month, the one with Let's Get Tricky in it. So we Instagramed it, and I got it open on the iPad all by myself, and then I showed it to my girl, Bri - who looked at me like I was very cool, and she got happy and proud and we behaved real good, doing all the things we need to learn, just because we wanted to, on our own. We had such a good time, and Mom walked around like a zombie to the song, crunching the haunted house crunchy paper under he feet with the song! :)

You can go look at a big version of this pic, it shows all my cool stuff!

And then this happened on the Trick-or-Treating Party night!

I was watching Walking Dead when this went down,
Eugene fire-hoses off walkers' limbs and body parts!

And now it's 2015 and we're still watching The Walking Dead!

Here's my selfie with my Mom from the Talking Dead part, after we laughed it out with Chris
and Mom and I started relaxing again finally after a long day of working on our long-term stuff!

We did so bad at the Talking Dead quiz and the polls, we missed them, got them wrong,
and loved it!! Harley chose this answer against Mom's wishes lol really, he did!


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