Alternatives to Animal Experimentation,
Dissection, & Research

Government Slams Door on Invasive Experiments on Chimps (HSUS article)

Alternative to the LD50 test developed by Botox manufacturer as safe alternative! (HSUS article)

Animal Research Alternatives Three R's: Refine, Reduce, Replace!

Animal Experimentation Issues

"Clinical, epidemiological, and pathological investigations remain the foundation of research on human disease. Although animals are often used when ethical or practical issues have precluded the study of humans, the evolving scientific understanding of the complexity of animals and of their social and psychological needs underscores longstanding ethical concerns about their use in laboratory science.

The replacement of animal methods with non-animal techniques often yields both ethical and technical advantages. In some areas, such as medical education, the shift to non-animal methods has been rapid. Pharmaceutical manufacturers have incorporated non-animal methods in several early steps in the drug development process. In other areas, technical or regulatory barriers present continuing challenges."

from: PCRM - (read more)

Animal Research Alternatives

"We define alternatives as methods that refine existing tests to lessen animal pain and distress, reduce the number of animals needed for a test, or replace animals with other methods."
(From John Hopkins Altweb)

For a full listing of Alternatives web sites and links, visit Altweb's Alternatives Links page.

Animal Research

Hi, I'm Brianna and I want to ask you to think about going to at least one of the web sites listed up top and signing up for an email newsletter or friending them on Facebook or following them on Twitter, and etcetera. I am not okay with this research as it is, still done on non-human animals. I know that - without reliable, safe, and affordable alternatives as defined as


1. Replaces a procedure that uses animals with a procedure that doesn't use animals
2. Reduces the number of animals used in a procedure
3. Refines a procedure to alleviate or minimize potential animal pain -

that we are not able to switch to the non-animal methods fast enough! I'm a teenager, and my Mom has this web site so that people will learn how safe, easy, and effective that these new alternatives can be! We need all the chimps, and the monkeys, all of them, put into sanctuaries where they will be taken care of and not treated as if they do not feel both physical and emotional pain! We need the mice to be set free from enslavement, we need the birds not to be tested on for our sake! We need all the cages free! And we can do it now! Now that there is a market for alternatives, my Mom thinks that healthy competition will develop the alternatives at a faster rate! I agree! Please check out the web sites above, and talk to your friends about the difference between using animals for research and putting time into getting these alternatives to work for us! Thank you! Love from Bri Marie Stahlman.

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