alyson and magpie

maggie stahlman

alyson and magpie
making trouble

alyson lynn

moo in fairfax

maggie and al

ally candle

(al's crystal ball v.1 and v.2)

at rest...

blows with brother wind

now flowers and leaves

and, yet still, afoot.

for my girls,
love mom

My new feast comes in a green-is-good colored can
now! xo! :) Thanksgiving 2013! xo! Love you, Maggie

Beautiful B! Love! From A & M xo!

Mom's favorite Monstober moment! It's Rocky, Cece, and Ty from Shake It Up! We had to find it for her so she could quit singing it all by herself lol. Makes for a perfect Pumpkin Month playlist! xo! xo!

The astrals and Mom see Mockingjay Part 1 at the theater that has the built in disabled-seats!

We made beautiful cookies today with Mom in the kitchen!
Harley led the project! :)

My sister Al, by Maggie and Mom!

Maggie's Divergent Faction test results, she got Abnegation!

Avengers Age of Ultron is up next for our Family Outing!

Alyson got Candor!

The Black Widow, like me, is so very cool!
New Age of Ultron teaser poster at the theater where I saw Insurgent tonight! xo!

It's Vanessa, Apache T !
Click here to see her in the Hysterics (it's not That Girl Marano) !

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