Voter Intimidation and Disenfranchisement
in America

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News, Articles, & Related Resources

aclu: Voting Rights Act Timeline

msnbc: FBI looks into possible VA voter intimidation

Civil Rights Movement Veterans

new york times: Suppress the Vote?

salon: "Voter Terrorism"

human rights watch: Losing the Vote (Impact of Felony Disenfranchisement Laws)

electronic frontier foundation: E-Voting Rights

human rights watch: A Simple Solution to Florida's Voting Problems

foxnews: Black Leaders Concerned About Voting Rights

AAPD: Voting with Disabilities

common dreams: Black Voters in United States Disproportionally Disenfranchised (Jesse Jackson)

aclu: Women's Rights Project

wisconsin gazette: New Laws Put Transgender Voting Rights At Risk

Vote Trust USA

aclu: ACLU of Minnesota Pleased With Court
Order Protecting Native American Voting Rights Florida's legacy of voter disenfranchisement

vote trust usa: 5 Ways You Can Protect Your Vote!

Disenfranchisement of the African-American Vote in America Today Women's Voting Issues - No Voice Imagery

All white male candidates image about voter rights issues

Human Rights Watch

Global Issues

AAPD: American Association of People with Disabilities


Rainbow/PUSH Coalition

National Organization for Women

National Council of La Raza (NCLR)

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Amnesty International

Native American Rights Fund (NARF)

Project Vote Smart

GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)

Flyer from the Women's Suffrage Movement, against the right to vote

Disabled Voting Rights Logo from

Martin Luther King, Jr

Future Rights Movements May Include:

Wikipedia: Spain's Great Ape Personhood Movement

Discovery News: Animals Are As With-It As Humans, Scientists Say

The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness
As witnessed by Stehpen Hawking, declaring all-animals
(non-human) to be sentient and fully self-driven and consciously aware

Huffington Post: Top Scientific Minds Declare That We Are Just One Among Many Animals (Irene Newkirk)

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