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Alganore, read that back. Mi'Lady, your missive says sadly, "the wizard has grown dark, dangerously raging upon the weaklings, looking to remove the pain from his heart by killing the dreams of his own children. Making moves upon the East Winds without taking time to hear the screams of the young, the hurt he leaves in his wake. Must he strive to kill? Here we see a need to pursue a strategy of reduction to --"


"Yes my dove, my BriBri?"

"Voyager team ready to pursue a course for home!"

Alganore, fluffed in contentment, coo'ed in delight. "I call shotgun on the Delta Flyer."

And the parchment laid unraveled on the sill. It can be sent later in the evening, I do suppose.

xo! Love, Lady Morgan, Harley the Kid, Apache, and our girl Bri

"Once around, twice around, thrice around the wheel. Harley makes music where others find only silence." It was so stormy, wet, and cold. I sung my sing'ingest best as I prepared diced cabbage and a touch of wet lettuce for my little one. "Once, twice, thrice around -"
"Yes, my little cucumber? Coming, coming soon..."
"The song - you're ripping off Lionel Richie again."
"Trap shut tight, tourniquet, and lock it up for good! Or I'll be forced to tell you my Lionel Richie and the bandit story, yet again lol. Care to take a gamble?"
And the young guy hopped in his wheel and began his musical laps. "With that story on the horizon, better we settle for food and a wheel. We're buying time now, chaps," he said to Reggie the Max (now spiriting around the room, like a wheeley bird caught up in the wind) and Apache, the napper, who was awaiting a chance to run and play.
"Beginning to sound like him, you are" quipped Pache. "Comply or you will be assimilated, dude" rang in Reg. "What?" asked Harley the Kid. "You're talking like her now, H-man. Stories don't exist on the horizon, geeesh!" And the night passed merrily <3.

"My stars Brianna Marie, you've got to see this story on the television!"
Trot trot, thump, whistle breeze past the doorframe, in walked Bri, smiling and bright. Full of the scent of moonbeams and vanilla. "Mom, I'm on the phone with my girlfriend China. What's so important that I had to run all the way up here...?"
And I grabbed her, hugged her, and twisted her around in my arms. Cuddled and kissed her and ticked her hard. She giggled.
"I made it up, I missed you downstairs."
"Teleport downwards next time, Mother. Gosh. God gave you whoosh magic to save me the hassle lol," and she ducked out the portal, and wandered happily down the silver spiral stairs, her rings clicking as she grabbed the rail.

"If I were to go to you, my love," I mused, "I'd miss the happy you send all over the hallways, through the doorways, and outwards to the heavens :)" Always happier after hugging my Bri.

"Love puts many names of the same being. I become Al, the cat. First I am Al, the cat. Lastly I am Al, the cat..."

And so she transferred the data-stream of raw sewage onto the computer screen so Mom said rather bluntly,

"Alyson Lynn, my darling," lol, "rather droll, however, mayhaps you could make some sense of it, um, like please. xo!"

And I do suppose it would make for a better tail to my own very tiger sense if it were rambling but filled with the poetry due to our family pages. And so I wandered to the window, sat awhile, and said rather plain and old fashioned,

"Mom I love you." and she smiled and filled with love, to type for my heart another day.

Jasper, the parade approaches! The winners of the annual headache written literature competition have been crowned. Wow! I await this every single year. Migraines are a curse in this castle and these women and men write moving, beautiful verses to spook, cajole, and arouse interest in the care and caring treatment of the malady. Reggie, bring your scroll, Apache, hurry! The bandstand is open for the clergy and townfolk right after I finish my opening remark. Your posey prosey poetry, so adept and skillful, will be the great start to a wonderful year of work against this vicious enemy.

"Mom, Apache says he's going first, but I should be first, I am the eldest child, it's my turn to go first!" "But Mom said that I go first, as my poem was conceived after yours, it's written in the heavens, Roller." "My name is not Roller, I am Reggie. Mom!"

"Enough! We will do it alphabetically. Get! We cannot be late to our own charity, my loves."

The talented and ador/ed Apache Stahlman dost declare the following missive against the plaguiest scourge, the migraine attack (voluminous crowd cheering!)

I give you love I give you hugs
The migraine takes my mom from me
Let me bring her happy things
Like rain & wind and a home without hurt!
She mellows,
The wind rages,
She smiles and the migraine is gone

Total silence and a gentle tear falling from the small child in the front row rang forth into Apache's mind as he finished. He took it in, his public, exactly, feel that. A step away from the podium, he shouts out "fund migraine prevention research now!" and applause bursts forth, trots off quite content.

Next up, Reggie attends the clapping crowd until the hush themselves up, and recites his dictive ~

I love my mom, she is hurt
Make her nose clear
She lives alone in her mind
Until the pain is gone
She is my family
I need her with me
Spare her the pain
Let her be free of this again
Like she was before, where the weather was cool,
Out in San Francisco

She lived with me
The climate changed
And so did her will to live
Let it be rain sleet hail or wind!
Not the sun!

She smiles when its cold
She love it grey and windy
She gives me hugs and kisses
She closes the windows when it's hot
And lets the A/C fly free
And pays for it without a smile

It begins each day
Do I have a migraine?
How can I avoid one?
Let my name be here,
Love, Reggie

Again, sighs and murmurs, an older lady with a shall over her head makes the sign of the cross, kisses her dear rosary, then cheers out gallantly "we love you Reggie!" and applause abounding bounds Roller clear off the stage,

as Lady Morgan is announced, stand, motions the crowd down apace, and completes her reference,

Love moans
The headache pulls me from my home
As I combat
My loved ones await my return
Safe at home and freed from this battle
That is my hope

"And then," she rings out clear as a bell, "we welcome the winning entrants into the Annual Putting Our Heads Together Poetry Contest, as sponsored by the department of the National Headache Foundation." Banners, balloons, and heraldry, and the winners enter from the side platform!

M'Lady. The door is open. Are you well?
Yes. Time and again, I say yes! What news do you bring of the floodwaters in the state of grace from which i came forward again here?
Miss Morgan, there is no news as of yet. Do be patient. 'twil be about an half an hour until we are sure your kinsfolk escape the rain of torrent.
Choking back the hurt/ Fine Edward, thank you for your concern. The door is shut, morgan cries quietly to her child, the fine Apache, now a gentle young lad, of 6 and a half years himself.

Up he springs, and declares. My quill, mother, prepared this missive for you to have as a keepsake, as love brings it to my heart to give to my own mom. And he wrote for me,

Dad and I worried today about my family
We worried it would hurt us bit it didn't
I just wanted her to be here with me, but she wasn't around
She was far away in her head, worried about who she loves in california.

Just say I love you to my family in california
It's about me and my family here
My friends are where my mom is,
She's my mom and her friends are mine
She'll hurt if I am away, and I hurt when they are near
Since I can't say I love you to them myself.

Who are my friends out in california?
I just love them 'cuz she is with me
I want them here with us right now
Because I am happy when she is with me and worried about her and me.

We work together until she finishes her chores
We sit alone here
But I love her more everyday,
For telling me her friends are happy in her heart.

the end, for now.

My dear, Apache, you wrote this?
Yes Mom, I love you.
My goodness, you are a wonder.
And the afternoon stilled to almost a halt as they - the boys, her mother - came together to sit and wait for the cries of the many to quiet for the night.

friday, march 11, 2011.

Well Alganore, snore.

Idk, Miss M. I'm happy the old booklet is part of the county talent show now again. It's always been pleasing to hear from your alter-egos.

I know Alganore. Sure, Miss M. and this and that boy about town. The gallant this-and-that. But Lady M. lies quiet and alone now, Alganore. However can I face the townsfolk without a current man about townlet?

Mi'Lady, never fret -

With that, the lady m. tossed her hair back out of her face, sullen as she lay in bed typing on her iPad instead of her usual quill and parchment. "My folk hero stories du jour are indeed a pleasing bunch. Men of good character are hard to come by, Alganore; yet characters from those men in pleasing passing often linger on. [call comes from the hall] Alge, do wait by the bristle bush for me of late in passing in the 'morrow morning! Away, I have company a-calling now. Hush and shush! (waving with affection and tossing a few blown kisses in his direction as he soars outward thru the window on the East-side).

Tossing the laptop into her side-table drawer she declares proudly, "do come in." giggles, and begins Friday evening with pure delight.

i sat very quietly on the wood deck walkway next to the swampy pond, and waited. it was new jersey wildlife refuging at its best. it was autumn, i was on the road, and i wanted to explore the woods since woods are my favorite life style choice, for me. i live in the woods, in my heart, always. if i'm not in the woods, in my heart, i resonate there, with those animals. so I sat on the wood lattice, and waited. the sign posted for pond swamp visitors read something close to this,

"this pond is filled with turtles. they blend in for their protection and safety. if you want to see them, stand here for 15-20 minutes, and you will see them." the answer awaits.

so i watched. (watched what i could not yet see.) about 10-15 minutes later, all in one instant, crystalized vision of turtles everywhere, literally about 50 or 80 of them. swimming, sitting on the banks of the pond. half in the water. doing all sorts of everything. teeming with life. outrageous!

for whatever issue. mundane to divine. (drop this in your toolkit)

"mother, come quickly!"

what is it, reginald? said lady morgan as she followed her boy out the door of the cottage into the woodlet. out the door, over the porch, through the terrain affixed with brick, back to the barren dirt path she followed to commune avec les cerfs. "my god what has happened to you?!!"

it was the little buck. not the big one with 3 prongs on each antler. not the mid-size one with the grey on its flanks, but the little one, with the rust-colored horns and he was injured. and so very sad.

maggie, who was sitting nearby him, turned and declared, "he's really hurt, mom." as that was all that could be said. he was alone, and frightened by his own pain. his mouth was abscessed deep inside, away from where I could tend. there was no poultice for this, as skittish fawns and even my most trusted friends of the deer family behind the wooded keep know - you don't take a deer to the apothecary or tend to them, you just stay with them until their wounds expire themselves. "my poor little angel" i coo'ed. must have said that a thousand million times before he laid down and left earth. that poor little angel. his hooves of fire tussled with another, his horns were ripped to shreds, his face attacked by some beast from his group. abandoned and outcast, he watched me watch him for over an hour longer than anybody could see another hurt that way and do nothing. maggie, reggie, and lady m. stood silent, sat nearby, and hung onto his every motion, until he left. we couldn't go, he had to. it is hard to imagine the look in his eye, watching me say he is okay with us there, when he was not well, and knew he was ended. he let us end him for him. we waited and he left. our good friend, the rust-colored antlers, and I -

there broke a rap on the door frame, timid and quiet. mi'lady? are you awake?

I'm writing a tale, lisette. what need of you to bother me here?

mi'lady (i turned towards the door to hear her) the champion debate takes place at 4 this afternoon. would you watch it?

yes! (and I slammed the tome shut) that is a well-happy diversion, lise (dust floating away from the bindings into the room) - do grab my cape (quill holstered). for i can write more about the gloom of life later."

August 7, 2008
~ asteroids, and millipede

August 5, 2008
+ tractor beam tango

I love you not only for what you are,
But for what I am when I'm with you.
~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

August 7, 2008

what an awesome day! later, sandra

July 23, 2008
~ DiCamillos=Love

when fatima rings the dinner bell

with my honey at the head of the table
I serve the sunday dinner
for 3 or 15 depending on how many arrive that day
macaroni, most served
with sauce stirred all morning
sprinkled with parmesan
with nothing in it for me, and her,
with just meatballs for those 3
and with sausage and pepperoni for the guys over there.
and just scrambled hamburg for the littler two.
and in this circle of peace and eating
comes in the door
the love of my grandmother
who wants my world to be...
alright, no matter what hurt arises.
because we are together
in a good family.

in honor of my grama's dishes that I inherited
recently; that she always used to serve us
sunday dinner on. now :) they are mine!

July 19, 2008

Jones: [leveling a bazooka] I'm gonna blow up the Ark, Rene.

Belloq: Your persistence surprises even me! You're gonna give mercenaries a bad name.

Colonel Dietrich: Doctor Jones. Surely you don't think you can escape from this island.

Jones: That depends on how reasonable we're all willing to be. I'm taking the girl.

Colonel Dietrich: [looks at Belloq who shakes his head] If we refuse?

Jones: Then your Fuhrer has no prize.

Belloq: Okay Jones, you win. Blow it up. [takes a machine gun from one of the many Nazi
soldiers who attempt to guard the Ark and holds them back] Yes, blow it up! Blow it
back to God. All your life has been spent in pursuit of archaeological relics; inside
the Ark are treasures beyond your wildest aspirations... You want to see it opened as
well as I. Indiana. We are simply passing through history. [pointing to the Ark] This...
this is history. [pause] Do as you will.

Jones lowers his bazooka and allows himself to be captured.

Don't look at it. Shut your eyes, Marion.

July 13, 2008
* zany Paris

not even that freaking County!
end of discourse.

July 9, 2008
~ New York Serenade

good for the children,
or for anybunny you wuv...

I love you in the morning
and all throughout the day.
I love you every moment,
and in many different ways.

I love you all the time.

I love you when the clouds pour rain,
and when the sun shines bright.
I love you when we count the stars,
and when we kiss goodnight.

I love you all the time.

I love you when I play with you,
and when I work all day.
I love you when I'm next to you,
and when I'm far away.

I love you all the time.

I love you when I tell you, "no!"
and when I say "alright."
I love you when I'm mad at you,
and when I hug you tight.

I love you all the time.

I love you when I'm with my friends,
and when I'm all alone.
I love you when I leave the room,
and when I'm on the phone.

I love you all the time.

Even when you can't see me,
I love you all the time.

xoxo sandra ;p

July 7, 2008

Ooh, my head is spinnin'
You got me in your spell,
A hundred magic fingers
On a whirling carousel

The medicine within me
No doctor could prescribe
Your love is doing something
That I just can't describe

July 6, 2008

Apart from the distant thunder of laser blasts, the corridor is
strangely quiet and empty. Running footsteps echo through the freezing
hallway, then Han appears. Cracks have appeared in some of the walls
and some pipes have broken, sending hot steam billowing into the
underground hallways. Han hurries into the command center. It is a
shambles, but some people are still at their posts. As he enters, a
gigantic cave-in almost obliterates the room. He finds Leia and
Threepio near one of the control boards.

You all right?

Leia nods. She is surprised to see him.

Why are you still here?

I heard the command center had been hit.

You got your clearance to leave.

Don't worry. I'll leave. First I'm going to get you to your ship.

Han grabs her and starts to lead her out.

O, I am fortune's fool!

July 2, 2008

lady morgan (yah, me) wandered down the street, urchins left and right, millsfolk, town people, the like. oh what beautiful garments oh what beautiful baubles oh what a lovely bazaar! and there was the stand she was looking for. "alegenghny corn and sweets." she sauntered on up and began her shopping.

"precious miss morgan,"

she turned to see who was addressing her. it was none other than omgosh! awesome, her dear friend alganore. how wonderful. "alganore, how wonderful to see you!" how strange to have him be anywhere other than delivering the a.m. post on her windowsill. "omgoodness, alganore, is this the first time we have run into each other outside of the perport of your postal route?! omgosh how wonderful." and the morning sun shone ever so much brighter!

"it is. yes, that it is. quelle excitement, n'est ce pas?" he chuckled. "what brings you to the market this bright and sunshiny day?"

"oh, alganore, I'm here for the fresh corn on the cob, of course. and you?"

"millet for me. a little suet. now do tell, what's of late at the castle? now," he paused for added dramatic effect, repeated, "do tell, I am all ears."

"well," I began, oblivious, "there was this..." and then I got it.
"oh alganore," I laughed and laughed, for just a moment, "that's a very amusing chuckle. oh you slay me."

"I do my best, lady m."

"ah mi. anyway. nature has been tinkering with us, it seems, of late. the river was struck with a boulder slide from the east bank. it slid down and blocked the course of the water's own flow. I was working nearby, mending a fence, and I heard a splashing. I ran to watch. all the groundskeeps did. it was an interesting promise of the power of the river to overcome the obstacles sent by divine force upon it's path. the rocks tipped smack into the middle of the lake and all the water was made to move around it. for that moment you think it will cause a fatal overflow of the banks, but, nope, the water made it's way through the small crevices between the rocks and around the sides and up and under them and the river, it kept right on it's own course, just pushing it's way beyond the boulders by simply finding an alternate route. well the burly woodsmith did wedge a board under the largest of the boulders to make a watercourse right where it was needed most; oh most divine force and care. "oh," I marveled, as it happened, I thought to myself, "Lord Ganesh would be so very pleased at this most marvelous demonstration of the power of Love to find it's way past obstacles by flexing, transforming with waves and oomph, and most certainly, allowing said obstacle to merge into the experience as part of the now new face of that very same river itself. now the muskrats have a spot smack in the middle of the harbor where they can clamor and play and sun where the river splishes them a bit with a nice cool spray to quench their need for refreshment in the hot summer sunshine. It's a marvelous display, lord alganore. all the gulls enjoy the rock pile, too. you and your compatriots may wish to explore it one day. come in the evening. there is less foot traffic there, then."

"my word, sounds like a plan."

"oh most excellent." and lady m turned towards the shopkeep to take her bushel of corn, unshucked, just how she likes it. "thank you, monsieur alegenghny. I do so enjoy shucking it myself, it makes it --" and their conversation was cut short as a young surfer type wandered up, grabbed up not two but three of the ripest tangerines in the batch, and began to juggle them. monsieur alegenghny tossed his mustached face back in a belly laugh that rattled the nearby shops like a train passing nearby. "fantastic. your talents improve. you may take the oranges, young fellow."

and the boy clutched them close and hurried on away.

"good scam." quipped alganore to the shopkeep.
"he is a good boy."

and the market bustled with happy shoppers.

June 20, 2008
~ destin incroyable
Ride on the waves while the stars shine above...

Ride on the stars while the waves crash below.

June 19, 2008
~ "Faith may be madness, but doubt is insane"

Long, thin, white as snow
Eyes as black as coal
Bag of Sand, bright as gold
To sprinkle on your soul

insects, shadows, and love

June 15, 2008
~ du coeur

and suddenly, the heartbeat started up and it was louder and louder than before even, and I heard it yet still even with all of the efforts to pull it from my own breast, heave it down, hack it to smithereens, and case it within not one, not three, but four very secure little boxes, each within the other. violet inside the old metal casing, inside the lead filled box, inside the valise itself. buried, as it were, under planks - floorboards - the dirt under that and a bit into the concrete (as far as I could etch into the cement you see). and I could hear it, still, and then a second heart began to beat and I could hear it too; it was mine.

I hear her heart beating
loud as thunder

fast, it's beat sped up to about twice its normal speed! and I jumped awake with a start.

June 11, 2008
~ @Castle Merovence

and lady morgan sat chilling her nerves in the antechamber. "it's damp and shivers cold in here, mi'lady," shuddered the chaplain.

"I know." smugged miss morgan. "I received a package today from afar. I had but wistfully sighfully blissfully bluesfully yearned for a tincture of moist sweet fog of kittens pads and sofa soft and drippy yet suspended dour drain... the rain you know it stops mid-air, out there, where I am at home. and it came. in a box. all wrapped up in a pink ribbon, so lovely, and now look! my whole chamber is one big smile. still I see how far my sweet fog travels to be my comfort. I feel alive. surely, rescued! to despair not in the extreme heat. 'tis awesome!"

and she handed him a parchment for the townsfolk to peruse. it had three readings, of course. "you can choose," she purred, so content to feel herself.



June 9, 2008
~ the rescue

Han is watching the dozen or so troops moving in and out of
the pirateship. Leia moves towards Han, touches his arm and
points out the window to the ship.

LEIA: You came in that thing? You're braver that I thought.

HAN: Nice! Come on!

Han gives her a dirty look, and they start off down the
hallway. They round a corner and run right into twenty
Imperial stormtroopers heading toward them. Both groups are
taken by surprise and stop in their tracks.

LEIA: He certainly has courage.

June 4, 2008
~ Cross-gartered yellow fishnet stockings

O God! - O Nurse, how shall this be prevented?
Comfort me, counsel me.
Alack, alack, that heaven should practice stratagems
Upon so soft a subject as myself!
What say'st thou? Hast thou not a word of joy?
Some comfort, Nurse.

May 29, 2008
~ Red doors @night

surfers deeeelight...

quote another red (link) door unquote

as usual, always, more, sandra

April 15, 2008
* A Rest: 'twas part of this song, too...

it's done.
it's done for sure.
we're good then? (just be happy you're not me)
yah, we're good. (f that. be happy you're not me!)
yah, over.

then idk. we broke it off, sadly. like they all want.
and it was sad.
we're not unhappy with each other
we're just unhappy.


March 22, 2008
~ "So... how'd you two meet?"

"I might call him a thing divine; for nothing natural I ever saw so noble"

miranda: the tempest
on Love @First Sight

(art/david krakov)

Hey, I wanna hear about what Danny did at the beach.

It was nothing.

Sure, nothing Zucco, right.

You got in her drawers, right?

Tell us about that girl...

Part two...

What did you do this Summer?
I met a boy at the beach.

He ran by, got my suit damp.

All that way for some guy?
He was special.
Ain't no such thing.

He showed off, splashing around.

He was really romantic.
Come on, you don't want to hear all the horny details?
Are you kidding me?
Alright, I'll tell you...

Why can't I tear my eyes away?
If I should blink, he just might disappear
How can I hope to act blase
If someone I've seen in all my dreams is here?
Oh, isn't it apalling the way that I stare?
Could it be I'm falling in love at first sight?

Could it happen?
Don't be foolish
Even I know it's only a phrase
In stories and plays
It's never real

If love at first sight only happens in stories,
What is this glorious feeling I feel?

Love at first sight only happens in stories
Who would have thought it could happen to me?

I never wanted anyone like this
It's all brand new, you'll feel it in my kiss
I'm crazy for you, crazy for you

I simply can't believe you're real
I have to pinch myself til I turn blue
I can't believe the way I feel

Trying hard to control my heart
I walk over to where you are
Eye to eye we need no words at all

I want to tell the world that I love you

"It is the stars, the stars above us, govern our conditions"
shakespeare: on Fate

We'll carve it on oak trees
And scrawl it on walls
For others who are falling
In love at first sight

Slowly now we begin to move
Every breath I'm deeper into you
Soon we two are standing still in time
If you read my mind, you'll see

Does it happen?
Yes, it happens
Now, we know that it's not just a phrase -

It's not just a phase
It's real
It's right

Its all brand new, I'm crazy for you
And you know its true
I'm crazy, crazy for you

And love at first sight
Might just last us a lifetime
For each time we look at each other
We'll see something new, something lovely

So, each time I see you
It's love at first sight

March 10, 2008
by kali's nectarine
for my man

the Faun, sweet faun, he raised tail and beckoned me to play amongst the upper of the lowest hills of the mountains. I felt the razor but left, astray, for I had a date in town.
sweet Gaia, then, as Isis the queen, smiled upon the day and suggested a stroll through the forest deep. I declined. I am perpetually ready to decline such an invitation as of now.
Pan screamed hello, faster than I could drive past without hearing him. great Ra, itself, beamed a welcome drip drip drip to the dewy ice strewn beneath. I smiled, and bit, busied, and declared myself a welcome visitor on the doorstep of the ever gracious and goodly Saint Clare.

Saint Clare walked in with a repertoire for me to follow. in her footsteps I read the request. I sincerely welcome her touch; however, I had business more pressing: my love.

my love heaves his chest and I fall into his silent embrace. and the day is swifter than Zeus embodied. better than the dewfall, heavier than the night itself.

Persephone once began a journey, underground. I felt the offerings of those places and "what say ye?" I am puzzled by the lack of competence to get the drift, abank, beyond, that I am tarried by more well come inviting masculations from my beloved.

Divine, that dream that brings his mind to the forefront as he awakened. Divine and pressing is my man's sweet afterthought. Divine and ever before me. Never beyond or behind. Forever, the mountain he is.

February 7, 2008

day after day,
alone on The Hill,
the man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still,
but nobody wants to know him,
they can see that he's just a fool,
and he never gives an answer,
but the fool on the hill...

sees the sun going down,
and the eyes in his head,
see the world spinning 'round...

January 27, 2008
~ I freaking love you, tiger

Push the door, I'm home at last
and I'm soaking through and through
Then you hand me a towel
and all I see is you
And even if my house falls down,
I wouldn't have a clue
Because you're near me, and

I want to thank you
for giving me the best day of my life
Ooh, just to be with you
is having the best day of my life

honey, I had a fantastic holiday.
can you even believe it went by so fast?
love you with every bit of my heart

My boyfriend rusty is...

My sun...

And the moon...

Love and snuggles, rusty,
(and nibbles behind your ear),


November 29, 2007
* Serenade: Part 2 - Crazy for you

"and, miss stahlman? it's your call." announced The Dealer.

without hesitation, sandy took her time, a bit, to be dramatic and add exclaimation to her point, and stacked her golden pieces into three tall piles.
straightened them out so they were just precisely stacked. smiled. tossed her hair back over her shoulder with an adoring flick of her neck, you see.
lifted her wrists to allow her sleeves to drop back out of the way from how they were covering part of her hands. and slid the entire piles, 3, neatly
stacked, into the center of the table.

"I'm all-in," and she smiled. a confident, excited grin that would light up the farthest corner of any room.

October 22, 2007
~ Shire, Interior

"well," lady morgan told Arnold quietly, "do have him wait in the Main Vault. we'll be upon him shortly."


as the doors to the Vault opened slowly, morgan was led into the room a bit unprepared for visitors, but certainly ready enough for this one. hand together with rusty's, she walked into the hall, a little reluctant and trailing a bit behind him, but made it, most certainly, to this impromptu meeting.

the Great Pumpkin was seated Over There, at the far side of the Round Table, okay well not actually the actual far side, but maybe at about 11 O'Clock, you might say. He was properly attired for a day at court and left nothing out of the wistfulness and glean about him as he stroked the surface of that mighty table with a delicate touch and a bit of a thirstful lusting.

"first time sitting at The Table?" offered rusty as a greeting equally imprompt.

up sprang the Great Pumpkin, almost to a stance of Attention. "Lord rusty, Mi'Lady, happily I meet with you on this day." and with a bit of a bow, was allowed to chill it down to normalcy by morgan who simply stated, "you are most welcome to join us at The Table anytime, monsieur, for as you can see by its delicate figure, it is, by nature, most certainly headless," and they joined him with handshake and a kiss on the cheek, respectively, and adjourned from any more formality to speak as kinfolk.

"sandra," began the pumpkin, "I have with me the plan that you requested. it's been drafted and is ready to take up." And he pulled a lengthy cylindrical carton out from underneath his cape. And handed it to lady morgan, simply stating, "your parchment."

without hesitation, she pivoted a bit pirouette to face her love, passed him the parcel and echo'd, "your parchment," with you see, a bit of emphasis on the word "your."

"What's this?"
"oh, it's a present for you."
And the occasion...?
who needs an occasion. open it!

off popped the end of the tube, slid out the parchment, which rusty unrolled and spread out upon the Table. "sit your ass up here and tell me what we have here," and so she did. looking glibly at the Pumpkin then leaning over to point of every little detail of The Plan, as it were, ever so nicely laid to parch by the draftkeep, for her, for him, by it, as it was, at her request.

"is it in your favor, mi'lord?" she finished.
"i love it. sounds like a plan to me. thank you, baby."
and she smiled, and preened, a bit cheshire, as it were.

nobody would notice him pull her ever so friskily close to him for a nuzzle and a bit of a peck. nobody, except The Pumpkin, who certainly blushed a bit and declared, "I see you are pleased with my efforts. Happy to bring good tidings. For now, I take my leave." and he bowed, exited, and slammed shut the door behind him.

Alone. in the vault. a table bare except for the cheeks of his maiden, lord rusty muttered a bit under his breath, close to her cheek about next to her ear. "I have a plan of my own to spread about this table," and pulling on the Tassel which fastened her violet robe, he made her remember to be free..."

(fade to black)

October 16, 2007
~ A sausage roll walks into a pub...

A sausage roll walks into a pub, walks up to the bar - barman says,
"We don't serve food here."

lol. one more?

A mangy-lookin' guy goes into a bar and orders a drink. The bartender says "No way. I don't think you can pay for it." The guy says "You're right. I don't have any money, but if I show you something you haven't seen before, will you give me a drink?"

The bartender says "Only if what you show me ain't risque." "Deal!" says the guy, as he reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a hamster. He puts the hamster on the bar and it runs to the end of the bar, down a barstool, across the room, up the piano, jumps on the key board and starts playing Gershwin songs.

And the hamster is really good. The bartender says, "You're right. I've never seen anything like that before. That hamster is truly good on the piano." The guy downs the drink and asks the bartender for another. "Money or another miracle else no drink," says the bartender. (continues a bit below)


...and lady morgan stood on her makeshift stage, down beyond the dust bunnies at the far end of The Attic, decked out in couture fatale, with dagger in her hand, and declared, "I am in you and you in me, mutual in divine love."

"um, so that's Blake, now, isn't it?" asserted rusty from his beanbag chair a bit out in the center of the floor.

"Shh. no heckling. it gets better."

"That's my dagger isn't it?"

"You told me I could use it."

"That was just for that one night. You need to return that to me. It's government issue."

"It is not. Is it? knights don't get to keep their gear?"

"Hand it over," up he went right onto the platform, no decorum! and the chase ensued...

Around the room and back to the stage where she jumped as high as she could to keep it from his grasp. Of no avail, snagged right from out of her paws.

"I have an idea," said the lord to his lady, "I'll trade you the dagger for the rest of the play."

"Um?" she muttered, confused, until he said,

"Take the offer, you nut," and handing his dagger back to her, he smiled and finished, "you are by far the sweetest little actress ever to write me a play; I wouldn't miss it for anything."

and so, they played on, together.


The guy reaches into his coat again and pulls out a frog. He puts the frog on the bar, and the frog starts to sing. He has a marvelous voice and great pitch, a fine singer. A stranger from the other end of the bar runs over to the guy and offers him $300 for the frog.

The guy says "It's a deal." He takes the three hundred and gives the frog to the stranger, who runs out of the bar with it. The bartender says to the guy, "Are you some kind of nut?! You sold a singing frog for $300? It must have been worth millions. You must be crazy!" "Not so," says the guy. "The hamster is also a ventriloquist!"


October 10, 2007
~ that Chase Scene: Spyhunter in Double Latte Mochachinos (la version editee ;)

only the most ridiculous parts of the following story are true:

rusty: okay. now. go.
go go go.

the lady, morgan: omg! that was close. jiminy effing crickets.

got any more bright ideas? remind me next time to stick to the plot.

I tried, rusty, I tried. I just want it. come on. we're half-way to the portcullis.

fine. according to this surveillance data - you spent how much for? -

3 pence and a quill that belonged to the actual will shakespeare.


I just want it.

fine. well, supposedly, the guard will take leave of his post in about 3 or 4 minutes. when that happens, you need to listen to every little bit of movement everywhere. if you hear anything at all that could be a footstep - anything at all - you freeze dead in your tracks and spur yourself down. do you understand me? I'll take care of it.

"yah," she said softening a bit, her hair getting curled all dainty'ish around her finger as she swooned into his courage and...

(ooops, she's not paying attention anymore.)

morgan. not now. later.
okay. go -

and the two of them began to creep on tippytoes like the catburglar and the pink panther himself, barely touching afoot to the ground, as they alit over to the edge of the brick patio and up and over the railing to stand next to the portcullis, barely able to be outside any longer; that's how close they were to making it into the breach.

"we did it!" exclaimed morgan with a hushed whispered yelp. "omg. my heart is really pounding really fast. you think I'm gonna die from fright?"

well I hope not. now. are you ready. are you ready for the rest?

yah, shoot.

okay. ready?

yah. I said yah.

you are going to stay right here, and guard the door.

WTF!?! no f'ing way. no f'g way. this is my adventure. gawd dang you.

I am going for the treasure.

but --


fine, whatever.

take my dagger, it's sharper than yours.

at least give me your sword.

you can't even lift the sword. what're ya gonna do? dazzle them with it's loveliness?

fine. (long dramatic sigh) I like using your knife, too. jerk.


I mean, (longer sigh to let her slip back to her self) thank you for taking the risk so I don't have to (looking preeningly well taken care and kissing him on the cheek). don't forget to leave the gold coins on the table when you take the box, or we will surely suffer recompense for this action.

I understand. you scream really loud if anybody comes. okay?

ok. be careful. promise me you'll be careful.

"I'll be right back," he said, kissing her forehead and placing his dagger in her hand.

and... so he was... next seen running back down the side passage stairs with her damnable prize in his arms. running at a breakneck pace. and was upon her spot in the doorframe before she even had time to puzzle over the circumstance - he kept running, right by her in a way, grabbing her wrist as he went past, yanking her into flight, screaming back to her - RUN!!!

and so they ran. he had firm grip on her and pulled her along faster than anybody could ever imagine her feet taking her through the air. and close behind them both - in desperate pursuit - was perhaps the nastiest, drooliest, grungiest, grossest pair of evil beasts ever summoned to guard a treasure. the dogs at bay were both upon them. On Her Heels. fast they ran (we effing booked) out past the guard house, beyond the moat, over the hill, way out into the yard and with a panther leap, rusty was up on the chain link fence, the priceless box catapulted up and over the barricade to freedom, with rusty struck hung up on the fence like a cougar in a tree, grabbing the lady morgan by both wrists this time and just literally pulling her ass up off the ground onto that very same fence where she clung for dear life. the dogs at the ground level of that very same fence jumping and barking their vicious crazy f'ing drooling f'ing heads off, yapping and nipping with big fangly gross yellow'd gnarly teeth, at their heels.

morgan: panting uncontrollably, gasping for breath

rusty: you okay? you made it, you're okay.

"you (gasp gasp) threw the effing box, dear. are you crazy!?" and she scrambled up and glid down the other side of the fence, dropping to her knees to inspect the golden, with inlaid bronze and silver crescents, box full of her take. "it's okay. it didn't break."

"thank me later," said rusty as he jumped to the ground behind her. "get going. go to the car... now!"

yes! yet more intrusion to take leave from as the guard had apparently resumed his post and was headed this-away with torch and steel to assert himself upon whatever the dogs had cornered by the Gate to The Hills.

with get-away car in sight, the two didn't stop their run until they were in the car. doors shut, engine going. peel-out. morgan held tight to her box, and the lord sir rusty took over the driving now causing the car to run at the same harried speed. we drove for about 15 minutes, fast and straight into the interior of the wood. and then stopped. engine off. "we can't get any more remote than this for now. sit tight and we'll try to make it to safety in about an hour. they should find the coins and feel suitably compensated, if your f'ing plan works out okay. we'll make it back home safely. you hear hear that word, sandy? it's safely. I've had enough of you risking your life. that's it. no more stupid risks. if you need it badly enough, I'll take it on myself. you're done. D - O - N - E with battle. do you understand me?

but -


"yah, rusty. i do." then heaving into her part a bit more, she shrilly let into: "omg! we could have been killed. did you see those dogs? omg!! they would have actually bit me. or I could have tripped and fell into the river! and then got eaten in the river by the snakes and eels! not to mention that guard! I think he had a rifle! I was so afraid! I do hate battle. I really really do. I'll be safer, I promise."

fine. (a nice length pause here) you like the box?

I love it! thank you. (she cooed)

August 28, 2007

one drop of verbana, a bit of lavendar. oh rose petals would be blissful. um... maybe a touch of vanilla? what do you think, pacino? a little too much vanilla?

apaches says, in due time, not a thing, but rubs up against the big oak store box with his muzzle and crawls back into the cavern he calls home these days, twirls his bod about 2 to 2 times then settles back to rest.

what a little sweet potato, morgan muses, then returns to grinding her potent blend down flat and smooth with mortar and pestle.

this should make for a soothing break from all that work and toil. did you draw the water, yet, lise?

up to the half-point, mi'lady. I've left the rest to boil upon the pike until the final notion of need, for maximum temp.

excellent. thank you so much lisette, you can go back to sleep now, too.

'night, morgan.

goodnight. and upon her departure, once quite sure she has footed her way clear down the hall... the sound of her footsteps departing... morgane begins to recite:

with fire and swath and a bit of tincture my most pleasant passtime is coddling of yours...

and the melody passes out the window, and down the way just a bit, and is caught by the ear of her dear lord, who hops down from the steed who seems a bit shaggied down as well. a moment or so later, he descends upon her stoop, and is up into the big dim room she calls her Arch. "mi'lady."

without contention, she swoops upon his hearth and removes his breastplate, and then takes his battered shield.

oh, rusty, just look at your bloody shield!

what? are you british now, lassie?

she giggles a bit and sighs. "hop on into the bath. I've prepared a very special blend of the best love in the world. lavendar. you'll love it.

lavendar huh?

and so the night passes small.

August 8, 2007
- webcetera!
I hope they have pudding...

Harry Potter:
[on getting to the Ministry]
So how are we going to get to London?

Luna Lovegood: We fly, of course.

without shoes, I can walk barefoot in the cold wet dirt.
without dirt, I can fly by wings of the invisible.
without faith in the invisible, I am alone.
alone I fall; together with you, I stand and face the darkness.
with a smile.

June 3, 2007
Alabama fell hard.

"Any time of the day is a good time for pie."
- Fabienne, Pulp Fiction

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