...The same moral and ethical attitudes should
apply to ape beings and human beings alike.
- Jane Goodall

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there's a little colobus
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Primate Freedom Project
Take a moment to Like the facebook page of the group who asks us to look into the lives of the chimps, rhesus macaques, and other primates being used against their will - a very real captive and torture experience for them as we all now realize - so that their fate is not one that is forgotten. I have two Freedom Tags (get some now! http://www.primatefreedom.com), the "dog tags" of two rhesus macaques that we held at the Oregon National Primate Research Center. Every so often, I make a plea for more information about them, their fate, if they are even still alive. I love and miss them, even though we've never met. May all beings have somebody who loves them from afar and remembers the torture and brutality they endured. All these primates came before our human enlightenment ~ we now have a group of scientists (led by Stephen Hawking) who have made a statement in a large group, called the Cambridge Declaration of Consciousness; it declares all-animals, human or not, have thoughts, feelings, sentience, lives that need care. Our neglect of these things will soon end; unfortunately, in reality, since humans change their atrocities at a very slow pace, very soon means that these primates will endure more torture at our hands until they've all been "retired to sanctuary." Helping keep their lives as a Very Important Life means everything to the world.

xo! Love, the Stahlmans

Project R&R: Release & Restitution for Chimpanzees in U.S. Laboratories

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