Exploring the Question:

"What is a Mystical Experience?"

Defining Mysticism:

* William James: "The Varieties of Religious Experience" and "A Suggestion about Mysticism"

* Arthur Deikman: "Deautomatization and the Mystic Experience" and "Bimodal Consciousness and the Mystic Experience"

* Andrew Greeley: "Ecstasy - A Way of Knowing"

* Abraham Maslow: "Religious Aspects of Peak-Experiences"

* Kenneth Wapnick: "Mysticism and Schizophrenia"

* David Lukoff: "The Diagnosis of Mystical Experience With Psychotic Features"

* Robert Ornstein: "The Psychology of Consciousness"

* Ralph Hood: "The Construction and Preliminary Validation of a Measure of Mystical Experience"

Mysticism, Mental Health, and Literature:

* Schizophrenia & Mysticism (Bibliographic Essay)

* Annie Dillard: Mysticism of Pilgrim at Tinker Creek (Essay)

(Written with the assistance of Th. Emil Homerin, Professor and Chair,
University of Rochester Department of Religion and Classics.)

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