The Humanoid Scan

Try it, you'll like it...!

This can be done anywhere. It can be done anytime. But, if you are engaged in an activity that requires you pay attention, like if you are driving or operating heavy machinery, don't go too far into it, ok? In other words, if you can just sit comfortably and do just this for about 10 minutes, that would be divine.

I'll describe a very very basic mindfulness practice, where you check-in and fully attend to each of your senses, one at a time -- in any order. Keep your eyes closed except when you are doing "sight." When you do sight, just open your eyes and gaze lightly ahead of you.

Check in with one sense at a time. Take hearing for example: what do you hear (eyes closed :) Listen more. The more you listen the more you will hear. Fully engage the material world via the senses. Spend just a few minutes on each sensory channel. When it comes to touch, you can attend to what your whole body is touching, from your skin and your bones, the surfaces you are contacting including the air, and how they feel.

-tactile feeling

That's it.

You may be amazed at how much sensational input you are simply filtering out of your awareness. This takes you off auto-pilot and lets you devour the whole picture, if even for just a few moments. Consider doing this simple practice everyday. You can even just do one sense at a time, at a stoplight, during television commercial breaks, or some pause in activity like that ;) Engage fully the world of mattering.

Take time for yourself today.

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