Hardy Boys: Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom

Frank: I can assure you this young lady is quite trustworthy.
Nancy: Quite trustworthy! You make a great character witness.
Frank: Well with some characters it's tough.

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Say, you're fenton's boys!
Listen your daddy told me you might wanna hear some anecdotes. (arlo weatherly)

I am the assistant manager of the hotel.

It's Hargrove!

We'll have to get you a badge.
You won't be allowed in the seminar, without a badge.

The photograph you saw on Stage 24 -
I'd like to take a look at it.
Frank: If i ever speak civilly to that girl again, dump a bucket of water on my head.

Joe: Any particular size?

Frank: You know, I knew we never should have let her go off on her own!
Joe: How did we know she was going to fall into the lake?

Strange things happen to your tram all along the way.

we heart you, hargrove!

Arlo Weatherly. Hondo, Texas
"I'm not in the habit of leaving my bag
unzipped in the middle of the airport."

Frank: Is this women's intuition?

Nancy: Detective's intuition. I'm sorry, forgive me, obviously you don't have those kinds of feelings. Sometimes I wonder if you have any feelings at all. Obviously you wouldn't.

Frank: Wouldn't what?

Nancy: Shed a tear when i'm gone.

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