Entertaining Company
June 2007

Learning Colors

"Sandy showed me how to use her camera
and I took this picture" ~G.

Hiccup Cure: Loopty Loops

Paul Knows Dirt!

Summer Project

Hard at Work

"Who Luvs Ya, Baby!?"

On the Porch

Uncle Jon & Sandy,

Photos from:
6.14.07 - Aunt Marie and Sandy come visiting, and,
6.23.07 - ReRe, Uncle Paul, and Sandy Babysit!

* Looking Behind *
Gunnar's Birth Day
Early September, 2005
The Baptism
October Update
G's First Thanksgiving
Baby New Year, 05/06
Bounce Party, 03.05.06
Easter, 04.16.06
Special Edition: Plane Spotting
Fourth of July
Special Edition: Photo Contest
Gunnar's Very First Birthday!!
Gunnar Goes to a Soccer Match
My Grandma's Birthday
Halloween, 2006!
Thanksgiving '06
Easter, 2007


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