Gunnar's Very First
Birthday Party, Ever!

August 13, 2006
G-Unit in da house

Hanging with JR

waiting 4 guests

Anita ~ Marie

Marie & Jessie

buckets of luv

greeting sharon

loading film






1yr Old!

J-Man & G-Man

it's Pinky

CC and Marie

time for presents

Hola, Diego!

Gary's quality time with Diego

"a brand new car!"

my first bike :)

something from daddy

my friends only got ponies, suckers.

All eyes on G!

great minds thinking alike

taking a time-out

for my big boy room

Gary & Ashley

the two sharons

Joni & the Secret Formula

Summer = Love

G's Bro, Bailey!

the art of the crawl (movie)

boys' club

G. Takes a Shot

the purple lounge

dolphin show


Junior & Gunnar (movie)

My First
Birthday Cake!

gathering for the big event

everything's ready

pinky lites the candles

"Happy Birthday to G"
(*A Must-See Movie*)

making a wish (movie)

& more wishes...

one big heart

ready ~ ~ set ~ ~ dig in!

super cake, man! (movie)

cakes & a trifle

And that was...

...G's 1st Birthday Party!

Movie require QuickTime 6.5 or higher.
Get it at QuickTime downloads.
(Use the plug-in, or right-click and save it to play.)

See the results of
an experiment in
taking Self-Portraits

August 15
1 Year Ago!

~ Report From My One-Year Checkup ~
"I am now 25 lbs, 14 ounces and 31" long! I was only
8 lbs, 14 ounces and 20.5" long when I was born." -G.

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