A Green Funeral

In the veld in a place where the vultures would see,
he stood naked and killed the cancer with a single shot.

The headlines were sensational, censorious the words,
but Gaia received him without comment and asked no fee.

Too deep for the roots of trees, most lie boxed and rot,
while he is grown in the grass and flown in the birds.

A Poem by James A. Harrison

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Green Funeral tip!

Many people long for a memorial headstone, but some woodsy or wildflower green burial sites do not permit any grave markings to keep everything "au natural." I know that often towns offer "engraved bricks" as part of special parks or new building projects. For about a $50 donation, you can engrave your loved one's name into a brick that will become part of your favorite local site. Google news search "engraved brick" to find current brick/paver engraving opportunities. My loved one's name is engraved on a brick overlooking Lake Tahoe that was offered as part of a 4-H Camp beautification project; it's a perfect alternative :)

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(has a natural burial section where my girl Magpie is planted :)

The dead and buried
become trees
who lift up their arms
to call the deaf.
With their long fingers
and green tongues,
they divulge the secrets
of the Earth's heart.

-Mevlana Rumi, Sufi Mystic-


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