Fur Free Friday
~ and fur protest guide

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Fur-Free Friday
is a movement to protest and raise awareness,
held each year the day after Thanksgiving

Fur Free Friday 2020 Event Calendar + Action Guide
November 27 - Save the Date!

Field Guide to Telling Animal Fur from Fake Fur

Big news: In 2019, Governor Newsom of California signed a state-wide law to ban the sale of fur! Shortly after that gigantic paradigm-shifting victory, both Macy's and Bloomingdale's announced they would become all fur-free stores, nation-wide!

Fur-Free Retailers, Designers, and Brands

Fur Free Retailer on Facebook

On the Runway!
Faux Fur Fashion

Fur-Free on Facebook
Humane Society's Fur Free Campaign

~Learn About Fur~

Humane Society: Fur-Free Campaign

Committee to Abolish the Fur Trade


Fur-Free Las Vegas

LCA: Fur Is Cruel


HSUS: Dogs and Cats in the Fur Trade

Big Cat Rescue

fffashion - the Fur Free Fashion Competition

IDA: Fur Free Friday

They are just babies!
Please buy synthetic (faux) fur!

The HSUS offers free brochures and flyers, with anti-fur industry slogans and eye-catching facts. Order some and keep them with you wherever you go. Leave them on bathroom counters, restaurant tables, on the bus seat, offer them to people wearing fur (please stay safe, not everybody is peaceful), or slip the business cards right into the pockets of fur (and fur-trimmed) coats you see in stores.

Faux or Feline?

The Truth in Fur Labeling Act Will Help You Choose

More on Cat and Dog Fur Trade from the HSUS

fur free
action guide

join the revolution
to make every day fur free

Do They Think? Do They Feel?
Yes! Please read...

The Alex Foundation (Dr. Irene Pepperberg)

Secret Language of Dolphins (National Geographic)

Next of Kin: My Conversations With Chimpanzees (Dr. Roger Fouts)

When Elephants Weep
and more books about the emotional lives of animals (Jeffery Masson)

Jeffery Masson's blog

Friends of Washoe

Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness (of Non-Human Animals)
as Witnessed by Stephen Hawking

Animals Talk (Penelope Smith)

The Meanings Behind the Meow (PetCentric)

Look: quotes and pictures about fur.

(unedited photo from In Defense of Animals; visit their FurKills.org)

Fur Is Dead.

Learn more about animal rights
and welfare issues... click here.

Past Fur-Free Fridays
News and Photos

2012: Fur Free Friday...With Zombies - Facebook

Photos & News: Fur Free Friday 2006

More Photos @furfreefriday.com

Faux-trim Coat on our very real Brianna Marie!

Also check out SavingRhinos.org

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