Merovence's EyeCandy

mount tam

Divinity Embodied

fairy ring

"Fairy Ring"

(Visit the John Waterhouse Homepage for Exquisite Eye Candy!)

road sign

Say What...?!

letchworth cabin


sourpatch kids in sunshine

"Rx for Your Soul"


San Rafael Redwood

(Meet the Love Cats)

dragon meets fall

"Dragon Meets Fall"

(Tour the Angel Art Exhibit)

fairfax marin theater

"Sanctuary II"

alfred sunset, by alfred college, new york

Alfred! from Jessie

sunflower, just opening

Sunflower: Sweet Tart

Chronicle of the Sunflowers I Planted As Seeds

Ant-Man from Minimates toys

Ant-Man With Marvel Heart Rubik's Cubes by Harley



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