Our Spirit Friend
And Protector, It's Dragone...!

From Fairfax in Marin County, to our new home in Pittsford, New York, our friend the dragon known to us by its new and easy to pronounce name Dragone (like Drag-Gone), is a lovable spirit form who took an embodiment in a very nice and antique-looking dragon-art garden statue. It's his job to take care of the living arrangements for our spirit and now embodiment-form family. From the Dragone to you, peace in your homes, as well! xo!
From me (the typist) as transcribed to you by the Dragone spirit, himself! Since I am a psychic, I can talk to him for you, and he in turn can talk right back to you, too! lol

Snapchat by Dragone of the G6 Group

From the day we prepared for a visit from Uncle Jr and Linda and Jimmy!

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