The Lafuma recliner is a great option for people who, like me, have nerve injuries (or other handicaps) that require one sit in a reclined position. They have portable recliner chairs, that you can take with you when you go somewhere that would not otherwise have reclining seating. Most places with a handicap section can accommodate this chair in that space! They also offer more durable, padded recliners that you can set up in rooms of your house where a regular recliner does not fit normally.
Lafuma Portable (Zero-Gravity) Recliners Website

Holiday/anytime shopping tip for limited mobility - "ship-to-store." Many online stores now offer free shipping to the store nearest you. All you have to do is go in right up front to the customer service counter to pick it up. Stores like Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, and Sears offer free ship-to-store (aka "site-to-store" shipping). More and more stores are adding this option. It's a godsend for me, because those are big stores, and I can't walk them. Also, Amazon has free shipping to your home items, if you order more than $25 at a time. has free shipping for everything during the holidays (starts mid-November), and most online stores offer deals on shipping during this time as well. actually offers year round free shipping!

Mindfulness Meditation can help one to deal with chronic pain, via breathing exercises and other techniques that are easy to learn. Check out Being mindful of pain at's blog. (wildmind's online store sells great cd's and mp3's for pain management, as well - the best i've found out there)

Another great item is the Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster tape/cd and bookset by Peggy Huddleston. Her mind-body technique helped tremendously during my back surgeries (my doctor at Kaiser in Redwood City originally suggested it to me). I also use it on a daily basis for everyday stress relaxation and pain relief. Give it a try!

Spread support! With really great tshirts and more with this beautiful logo. Clothes for the whole family, over at

Disability Etiquette Handbook
from United Spinal Association

for you, and to share with friends, coworkers, and family :)

Wipe? lol YES! They are the disabled-person's best friend!

On days when you can't easily bathe, you can use body-wipes to get clean, real quick! They save my life! lol seriously. There are versions for you face and neck, some for your body as a whole, and even some designed for your more private parts. The cost? Well, if you use them all the time, it can get pretty expensive; and on disability (very limited income) that can really break the bank. So try the no-name versions!! The Walmart "Equates" brand name are AWESOME. I used to use Neutrogena's wipes for my face because I have a tricky completion... Well the Equates at Walmart are about half the price! And my face cleared up from them :) They have several styles for your face and neck. I use them on my back and upper body, too. They have generic Always and Summer's Eve in the women's hygiene section, too. So does Target! Target's "Up & Up" wipes are equally great. I use some of those for other parts of my body, lol. There's also the Equates and Up & Up brands in baby-wipes, too, if you prefer that scent and their extra softness. Give them a try. The big chain grocery stores have their own brands of body-wipes, too! I live by them :) xo!

Live. Love. Survive. And thrive!
Look for the new, dynamic disabled parking logo,
A symbol of accessibility and action!
Thanks Governor Cuomo xoxo!

If love is my friend, then I will be a-okay.

If I am able in a moment, never forget to reach towards my disabled part, for I am now always in need of your help.

When I am saddened in my own, and in my disability, let me shine in my own capacity, for no one is ever truly unable if they have faith, love, children to care for, and a home of Love in one's own heart.

In peace,

A prayer sent from Above, with Father Padre Pio, and myself.

Cinderella, by aleXsandro Palombo


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