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Why are so many women in therapy, on psychiatric medication, or in mental hospitals? Who decides these women are mad? Why do therapists have the power to deem a woman mentally ill when she asserts herself sexually, economically, or intellectually? Why are women pathologized, but not treated, when they exhibit a normal human response to abuse and stress - including the lifelong stress of second-class citizenship?

From Phyllis Chesler's Women and Madness

(in the news)

Villagers burn woman accused of being witch
Reuters India, May 30, 2008

Indian 'witch' tied to tree, beaten by mob, March 31, 2008

Kenya 'witch' case mass arrests
BBC News, May 29, 2008

Mrs. Collins Accuses Jones
LA Times, September 25, 1928

Woman burned alive for 'sorcery' in Papua New Guinea
BBC News, February 7, 2013

"The accusations of sorcery," Manjoo said, "are commonly used to take away women's land and/or their property."

From article:
Woman Burned Alive for Witchcraft in Papua New Guinea

The mental health system in America can often be a tool for the abusive male spouse. Using misdiagnosis, he assumes/pretends the role of caring husband, and has his wife or partner sent into the mental health system as a means of keeping her from bucking his control over her, her children, her home, or her pets. Women are so readily diagnosed as having a mental health disorder, as we have already discussed above, that their life is taken away from them and turned back over to the domestic violence perpetrator. It's common, and could be happening around you. Keep an eye on women who you feel are being abused. Stay in touch with them, as the first step to having them assume the role as the crazy one in the household is keeping them so isolated from friends and family, that nobody knows who they really are anymore. The spousal abuser is always the chameleon; he charms his way out of situations that are actually domestic violence. Using these types of chameleon-like ways, he can charm doctors and nurses into believing he is actually being helpful and caring for his sick, crazy wife who is trying to get away from him or trying to speak out to get help by accusing him of abusing her. If it follows an attempt to get away, please make sure that you are aware that using the mental health system as a means to restrain her into the relationship she wants out of is a common tool of domestic violent spouses or even relatives, like parents or other family members.

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