Cross-fostering is when the adults of one species raise the young of another species, as part of their family; nuturing the child within the framework and social environment of the adult parent(s) and their kin.

Adopting a "cross-fostering attitude" with your own non-human animal companions (pets) allows them a more complete family life while in your care. Encourage them to participate in daily family activities as well as special holiday rituals. Always make sure to take their own species-specific needs in mind, as well. Housepets look to you as their moms and dads, siblings, and family friends; once brought into your home, you are all they've got. They enjoy being involved and will jump at the chance to contribute, each in their own style.

Gallery of Interspecies Pals & Helpers

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Orphaned squirrel Finnegan adopted into puppy litter
by caring Papillon mom named Mademoiselle Giselle.

article Seattle Times: Got room for one more?

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