The Astrals...!

The Astrals are part of our everyday family! They're the kids, brothers and sisters, and members of our team that are no longer in their flesh-body form. An Astral still lives with us, in their Astral form! We're a shamanic group, an interspecies family band, and play, live, learn, and all do our daily chores together. We are:

Alyson Lynn
Figgy Babyface
Harley the Kid
Reggie Max
Mouse aka Mutty

Own the tee.
At Zazzle!

And I thought my mom was bad when she started watching Fox News. (Mack)

Project Snack Bar Crackers!
A huge success!
We brought them home from our water physical therapy place, called Turin,
they wrote our name down for some reason, took our money, and that's it xoxo!

Apache and Brianna Marie... LOVED THEM! 07.29.015

We did it! The Force Awakens, our third time! OMG!

And it snowed that day... finally! Time for all the parking lot trash to get covered in snow lol!

Deadpool Chillout Night with Mom and the Astrals included this wild thing that happened to us later after the first R-rated Marvel Cinematic Universe movie that we've all been allowed to go see at the theater! xoxo! Love from Figs, the jelly on both sides of the unbuttered muffin man!

Yes, that's actually Angel Dust herself who liked our tweet out to her and Negasonic Teenage Warhead! Love from Ally the girl who would kick that Brit's arse herself, too!


We had a great and unexpected good time feeding the ducks at the Erie Canal on Schoen Place in Pittsford, near where Mom gets her hair cut and colored at the Tru Salon there! It's near the Coal Tower, and the ducks loved our special treat we had for them, and the pigeons were on the loose as usual, so we threw food to them off on each of our sides, so they would not attack us like they so often do there lol

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