All Kinds of Kisses

healing mom's foot.


me and my brother watching the race...

i kissed those feet!

my brother did his claws for the first time, like me and
my hair trim experience. he did really good! good day!
we love him more than anything. -apaches

that's my hamster, he's my brother. i love him more than anyone else in the whole world. we don't hurt him, we just play with him. we're careful because we could hurt him playing the way we play, so we just kiss him on the nose and touch him on our backs and fur. so my paws and claws and face don't hurt him.
the end.
this is my boy, he loves me too. he gave me a great card. i love him back. he's just the best thing in the world.

this is me in my home with figs and me and apache and mom.
happy at last.

one from figs


i laid on my back like mom did!

curiously good.

i just really like this cool outfit,
from hatching pete

click cluck for bigpic

me and my friend, playing with ribbon

we helped together!

happy home (to merovence)

pretty mom and me

i touch your heart, from me to mom

i got an orange pen, like i'm an orange boy, from my brother

this is my stuff :)


i love you, mom!

Harley commanded his love Bri to post this and we got a reply!

(and other family love moments, too.)

harley time, 07.27.11

Check out Star Wars for Harley!

Get the boys :)

I just tail-touched
my brother in his house!

I gave him his first honeydew
melon, and he said 'get a picture!'

you gotta see our
Apache Springshine!

well come harley!

Reggie YodaButt!

Cheese Day Is Good!

Footloose for Mom
Slow Dancing was the best!

sleeping with mom in our favorite place

sunshine, johnny appleseed cold, and mom's gorgeous, wonderful boys

happy, tree weekend '011

thanks my honeybugs! i love them soooo much!
my feet say boo! they're boootiful! xo!


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